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FIFA 23: How to get your 4,600 FIFA Points and what you can do with them

Blood straddle in the cheekbone, football is our life: FIFA 23 is just around the corner!

Blood straddle in the cheekbone, football is our life: FIFA 23 is just around the corner!

FIFA 23 can already be played by some fans from today and those who have pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition will receive 4,600 FIFA Points for it. If you don’t see them, these tricks might help. Because we don’t want to be like that, we’re also adding a few tips on what you can do with the points and what’s worthwhile.

FIFA 23: Where are my 4,600 FIFA Points and what can I do to make them appear?

That’s what it’s about: FIFA 23 appears among others in the Ultimate Edition. This not only gives you three days early access to the full game, but also 4,600 FIFA points. But because many fans haven’t seen them yet, many are wondering how to unlock them.

Didn’t get 4600 points in FIFA 23? Anyone who started FIFA 23 Early Access yesterday or has been using the Web App and Companion App for days has not yet been able to use the pre-order reward for the Ultimate Edition. This is because all bonuses in this version are only unlocked at release.

  • Only from today: So you should now, this September 27th can find in your account at the regular start of the three-day Early Access.
  • If not: Uses the old tricks “restart the game” and “log out of EA and log back in” to help the system get going. That’s how it should work.

How to transfer FIFA Points: All you have to do is log into FIFA 23’s FIFA Ultimate Team mode on your console of choice or on your PC. You will then be asked if you want to transfer your points from FIFA 22. But beware, this does not work across platforms and is irreversible. More on this:

This is how you transfer your FIFA Coins to the new game

FIFA 23:

This is how you transfer your FIFA Coins to the new game

When does it start? FIFA 23 Early Access is already up and running. If you own the Ultimate Edition, have an EA Play subscription or have subscribed to Game Pass Ultimate, you can already get started. Those with the Ultimate Edition even without restrictions, all others for ten hours. All information is available here:

FIFA 23 Early Access Launched Now: Ultimate Edition Launch and Trial for 99 cents


more on the subject

FIFA 23 Early Access Launched Now: Ultimate Edition Launch and Trial for 99 cents

What’s changing in FIFA 23see here:

FIFA 23 - That changes in FIFA Ultimate Team

8:01 a.m

FIFA 23 – That changes in FIFA Ultimate Team

You can do that best with the 4,600 FIFA Points

You have a lot of possibilities to invest your FIFA Points. The most promising:

  1. Play FUT Drafts
  2. Buy FUT Packs
  3. Save and wait for events

Play FUT Drafts would be the opportunity to invest the 4,600 FIFA Points most promising at this time. Each round costs 300 points and you can then put together the most powerful team possible from five suggested cards for each slot. With that you either play against humans (gives better rewards) or in single player.

The more games you win, the more rewards you get. As soon as you win the second round, you will receive prizes that are worth significantly more than 300 FIFA points. So you can increase your currency, tap packs and gain experience.

Have you received your Ultimate Edition FIFA Points yet? What has helped you?


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