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FIFA 23 Ratings: All Marvel Heroes with Stats – That’s how strong the heroes are

New FUT heroes, or “Heroes” have been announced for FIFA 23 – with ratings. These are former football stars who get special cards – this time in a Marvel comic look. But what exactly does the cooperation bring?

These are FUT Heroes in FIFA 23: We already know the “FUT heroes” or “Heroes” from FIFA 22. They will also be part of the FIFA 23 release.

These are strong players from days gone by who didn’t quite reach legendary status to land as “Icons” in Ultimate Team, but are still remembered for certain moments or special achievements.

And to set it apart from the rest of the cards, EA Sports has teamed up with Marvel.

FIFA 23: Hero ratings known – That’s how strong the heroes are in Ultimate Team

Updated August 19, 2022: Now EA has announced all official ratings for the heroes. Rudi Völler gets the best card of the new heroes:

  • Voller: 91 (ST)
  • Forlan: 91 (ST)
  • Lucio: 90 (IV)
  • Papin: 90 (ST)
  • Yaya Touré: 89 (ZDM)
  • Okocha: 89 (ZOM)
  • Mascherano: 89 (ZDM)
  • Marquez: 89 (ZDM)
  • Brolin: 89 (ST)
  • Carvalho: 89 (IV)
  • Marchisio: 88 (ZM)
  • Kuyt: 88 (RM)
  • Donovan: 88 (RM)
  • Nakata: 88 (ZOM)
  • Kewell: 88 (LF)
  • Smolarek: 88 (ST)
  • Al Owairan: 88 (ZOM)
  • Cap*text muted*a: 88 (LV)
  • Park Ji Sung: 87 (ZOM)
  • Govou: 87 (ZOM)
  • Crouch: 86 (ST)

Updated August 18th: Six more heroes are now known. This time Rudi Völler and two former icons are there:

FIFA 23 new heroes
  • Rudi Voeller
  • Jay Jay Okocha
  • Hidetoshi Nakata
  • Saeed Al-Owairan
  • Wlodzimierz Smolarek
  • Joan Cap*text muted*a

Updated August 17th: EA announced six more heroes:

FIFA 23 heroes
  • Peter Crouch
  • Tomas Brolin
  • Harry Kewell
  • Sidney Govou
  • Jean Pierre Papin
  • Dirk Kuyt

Which players are there? Some heroes are already known that will be added in FIFA 23. These are the following players:

FIFA 23 heroes
The new FIFA 23 heroes
  • Landon Donovan
    • Landon Donovan is the United States’ all-time leading goalscorer with 57 goals in 157 internationals. He spent most of his career at LA Galaxy, and he was also on the ball for a short time at FC Bayern – but the collaboration ended after a short loan deal.
  • Ricardo Carvalho
    • The Portuguese centre-back is set to earn a Premier League card after producing superb performances there for Chelsea. Previously, he won the UEFA Cup and Champions League with Porto and was also champion with Real Madrid.
  • Claudio Marchisio
    • Claudio Marchisio collected a total of seven Italian championships with the “old lady”, Juventus Turin. In the national team, he just missed out on a major title: in 2012 he became vice-European champion with the team.
  • Yaya Toure
    • with Yaya Touré one could discuss whether an icon card would not have been appropriate. The midfielder moved to Manchester City after three years at Barcelona and became the undisputed midfield boss there. He was voted Africa’s Footballer of the Year four times in a row – no one had done that before him.
  • Ji Sung Park
    • South Korea international Ji-Sung Park has also accumulated a number of years with a single club: the midfielder has seven seasons at Manchester United, with 134 games and 19 goals. Four English championships came out of it.
  • Diego Forlan
    • Diego Forlán has accumulated a number of positions over the course of his career, including ManU, Atlético Madrid, Villareal and Inter Milan. Above all, his fantastic World Cup 2010, where he won the golden ball as the best player, remains unforgotten.
  • Lucio
    • Bundesliga fans will still remember Lúcio well, who played well at both Bayer Leverkusen and FC Bayern Munich. He then moved to Italy, where he won the Champions League with Inter Milan. He also won the 2002 World Cup with the Brazilian national team.
  • Javier Mascherano
    • Javier Mascherano played for FC Barcelona for 8 years, winning the championship four times. He was also able to secure the Champions League – both in 2011 and 2015. He should become a strong card in defensive midfield.
  • Rafael Marquez
    • Like Mascherano, the Mexican defender Márquez gained years at FC Barcelona and was on the ball there from 2003 to 2010. He also won the USAchampionship four times, the cup once and the Champions League twice.

What role does Marvel play? As seen in the image above, the “heroes” were introduced in comic form, complete with a nickname. Mascherano, for example, means “Octo-Bosse”, Forlan is called “Sunstrike”.

However, EA also took the comic approach last year with the first FUT Heroes, such as Mario Gomez.

What’s new this year, however, is that the hero’s card desEsports Extrasis actually comic-style. So you will no longer see the real face of the game on the map, but an illustration. This sets them apart from the other special cards in Ultimate Team.

In addition, other cosmetics such as balls, jerseys or choreos are apparently planned for Ultimate Team.

Overall, however, it seems to be a purely cosmetic collaboration, the gameplay in FIFA 23 will probably remain unaffected by the “Marvel” factor as things stand. The heroes don’t have any superpowers or anything like that on the field, and should also be portrayed as “normal” players with jerseys instead of capes. It remains to be seen how deep the Marvel-EA collaboration will go over the year.

What can the heroes do? The hero cards still have a few advantages over “normal” cards. On the one hand, they should get strong values, but above all they bring something in terms of chemistry.

This was the case last year, but will be changed by the new chemistry system in FIFA 23:

  • They always have great chemistry when played in their correct position
  • They give two chemistry points to players in their league and one chemistry point to players in their country.

In addition, EA Sports has announced that there will be special “World Cup Heroes” versions of the maps for the World Cup. They are scheduled to appear on November 11, 2022 and will bring even better values.

There will also be other FUT heroes to be announced over the coming weeks. According to leaks, there should even be “downgrades” for some legends that become heroes – but that’s not official yet.

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