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FIFA 23 should definitely copy this awesome mode from NBA 2K23!

NBA 2K23 brings one of the best sports modes in recent years this year.

NBA 2K23 brings one of the best sports modes in recent years this year.

The FIFA series is in desperate need of a breath of fresh air, and many long-time fans of EA’s soccer sim will nod their heads in agreement at this point. What this could look like is now shown NBA 2K23. In my opinion, the basketball game, which will be released on September 8th, is getting one of the best modes that we have seen in sports games in many years. Here you can not only replay seasons from past decades, but change the history of the sport.

In NBA 2K23 you rewrite history

But what does this mode do now? In essence, nothing extraordinary, the concept is as simple as it is ingenious: In the MyNBA Era mode, you replay some of the most legendary seasons in NBA history – including their rosters, the original jerseys, logos, etc.

It includes the years from 1983, from 1991 and from 2002. And just to give you a head start, those times are a few days ago: We’re talking about the Magic vs. Bird era, the Jordan era and the Kobe era, all of which you can redefine. MJ to the Pistons, Kobe to Orlando? Possible!

Jordan vs. Seattle around Detlef Schrempf.  Anyone who followed the NBA in the 90s remembers the gripping duels.

Jordan vs. Seattle around Detlef Schrempf. Anyone who followed the NBA in the 90s remembers the thrilling duels.

But it gets even better: You can even customize the ruleset of times. Each era also gets its commentator team, AND the graphic style, or the look, adapts to the respective years or is adjusted.

That would be a boon for the FIFA series

For years, FIFA fans have been asking not only for career mode innovations, but for a fresh look at the game in general: a cooler presentation, new modes for long-time football fans, to name just two examples. But how fantastic it would be if we could not only replay old seasons, but also decisively determine their outcome and, on top of that, graphically felt transported back in time.

Here are a few examples of what legendary seasons these could be:

  • 63/64 – Cologne is the first champion of the Bundesliga
  • 74/75 – The feud between Gladbach and Bayern around Gerd Müller
  • 97/98 – The legendary champion season of second division promoted Kaiserslautern
  • 99/00 – The Unterhaching miracle against Leverkusen that makes Bayern champions
  • 00/01 – The unforgettable “master of hearts” season for every Schalke player
  • 09/10 – The Kloppo era

Of course, such an era mode also goes hand in hand with the presentation. The stadium atmosphere has to be right, the original jerseys and balls of the respective time have to be found. It’s the details that make football fans’ hearts beat faster.

F1 and many other sports could also benefit

Of course, the FIFA series would only be one option for such a mode. As a Formula 1 fan, Codemasters F1 naturally also comes to mind here, which could then not only have legendary racetracks, we could also replicate the Schumi era at Benetton, get into the Ferrari with Nicki Lauda and, and, and.

After years, we would also like to get an AAA tennis game again, in which we sprint across the Wimbledon lawn with Steffi Graf or finally win the US Open with Tommy Haas. As you can see, the possibilities for such a mode in the field of sports and racing games are immense.

Tell me if you would like to see such a mode for other sports games too.

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