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FIFA 23: TOTW 5 now available with Neymar Jr., Kroos and Barella

FIFA 23 has already a new Team of the Week Available for USA and the whole world. The modality of UltimateTeam of the EA Sports football simulator has received a new batch and player selection in which we find as outstanding figures Neymar Jr., Kroos and Barella among others. Remember that these cards will be available for you to obtain limited time only until the next Wednesday, October 26, 2022, at 7:00 p.m.

FUT 23 Team of the Week 5

Then you we show the complete list of players who are part of the TOTW of this week in football 23; both the starting team and the substitutes and reserves. They are the following:

starting team

  • BY: David Soria – 84 (Getafe)
  • CFD: Gomez – 84 (Liverpool)
  • LI: Reinildo – 82 (Atletico Madrid)
  • CFD: Schr – 81 (Newcastle United)
  • MCO: Neymar Jr. – 90 (Pars Saint-Germain)
  • MC: Kroos – 89 (Real Madrid)
  • MC: Barella – 87 (Inter)
  • MCO: Saint – 86 (Bayern Munich)
  • ME: Terrier – 84 (Stade de Rennes)
  • DC: Vlahović – 86 (Turn Juventus)
  • DC: Thuram – 84* (Borussia Mnchengladbach)

Team of substitutes and reserves

  • BY: Vicar – 82
  • CAD: Silas – 81
  • DCM: W. Carvalho – 83
  • DM: Lindstrom – 81
  • DCM: Luis Gustavo – 81
  • DC: David – 82
  • ED: Forest – 79
  • PT: Marinelli – 78
  • CFD: Ndayishimiye – 79
  • MCO: Tremolada – 76
  • DC: Adamu – 77
  • DC: petros – 75

What is the Team of the Week?

The team of the week (also known simply by the acronym TOTW), for those who do not know, is an event that EA Sports launches every week to give FIFA 23 Ultimate Team more life. Every seven days, thanks to this system, a selection is released. of the dream team made up of various players, those who in real life have performed at the best level in recent days. Said cards selected for the TOTW receive a special upgrade in its attributes.

We remind you that If you need help for your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team matches, you can refer to our wide guide with tips and tricks ideal for getting the most out of the EA Sports title. In it you will find important articles such as best players that are available in this edition, how to earn FUT coins or what are the rewards of all the envelopes and their prices, among many other contents.

FIFA 23 is a Sports and Football game that premieres on September 30, 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch. If you want to learn more about its virtues and details, we invite you to read our analysis.



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