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FIFA 23 TOTY Release: Team of the Year is here now

Today, January 20, 2023, the big TOTY event is coming up in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. It brings extremely strong top cards into play and we’ll tell you when they appear.


What is Team of the Year anyway? TOTY, which stands for Team of the Year, is all about the best footballers of the past year. EA nominated 100 players who had outstanding performances over the past year and the community had the opportunity to vote for their best XI.

However, to the amazement of fans, a number of players were surprisingly absent, including Cristiano Ronaldo.


When is the TOTY coming? The Team of the Year has officially started today, January 20th at 7:00 p.m. It starts with the attackers, which can be found in packs for 2 days.

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You can see the Striker TOTY cards with their final stats below.

The cards will appear in FIFA 23 in a staggered manner:

  • Attackers from January 20th to 21st
  • Midfielder from January 22-23
  • Defender and goalkeeper from January 24th to 25th
  • From January 26th all maps
  • In addition, TOTY icons will come into play on January 20th

What does the Team of the Year bring?

Team of the Year: These 11 players were voted into Team of the Year:

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  • TW: Courtois (96)
  • CM: Bellingham (95)
  • MS: Benzema (97)
  • ZM: De Bruyne
  • IV: Military (94)
  • Zipper: Hakimi (94)
  • LV: Hernández (94)
  • ST: Mbappe (97)
  • RF: Messi (98)
  • CM: Modric (96)
  • IV: Van Dijk (96)

You can count on: Since the TOTY is always celebrated in FIFA Ultimate Team, you should expect some content. Along with the new TOTY cards, there will also be new TOTY icon cards.

You can also count on an additional 12th TOTY card. In recent years, TOTY has always added these a few days after the release of the top eleven.

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What else does the event bring? In recent years there have usually also been SBCs and special tasks related to the TOTY. So there should also be special rewards for the TOTY event this year. However, we will only find out more at the start of the event.


Are you looking forward to the TOTY in FIFA 23? Feel free to tell us in the comments!

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