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FIFA 23: When will which TOTS come? All important information about the event | Top News

fifa 23: when will which tots come? all important information

The Team of the Season has officially started in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. We’ll tell you everything about FIFA 23 TOTS – from voting to the appearance of the respective teams.

What is the TOTS anyway? The “Team of the Season” appears every year in Ultimate Team. There, the top players of the different leagues are put in focus – and equipped with massively improved cards. Ratings in the 90s are not uncommon.


Several “Teams of the Season” will be released regularly over the coming weeks, such as the “Premier League TOTS”, “Bundesliga TOTS”, “LaLiga TOTS” and more. These cards then end up in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team packs.

You can vote for some of these teams in advance. There have already been votes for the Community, Premier League and Bundesliga TOTS.

The following teams have appeared so far:


Voting and Announcement – ​​The TOTS schedule

When is the FIFA 23 TOTS coming? Here we show you the current schedule for Team of the Season in Ultimate Team.

votes: Here you can select multiple Teams of the Season. Voting runs on the official TOTS website.

  • April 10th – 13th: Voting for Community TOTS. The voting is already over.
  • April 17-20: Premier League TOTS voting. The voting is already over.
  • April 25th – 28th: ​​Voting for the Bundesliga TOTS. The voting is already over.
  • May 1st – 5th: Voting for the LaLiga TOTS – you can vote here via
  • May 15-18: Serie A TOTS voting

Announcements: When will the TOTS be officially launched?

  • April 28: Community TOTS and Eredivisie TOTS
  • May 5: Premier League TOTS
  • May 12: Bundesliga TOTS and EFL TOTS
  • May 19: LaLiga TOTS and Saudi League TOTS
  • May 26: Ligue 1 TOTS and MLS TOTS
  • June 2nd: Serie A TOTS and Süper Lig TOTS
  • 09 June: Ultimate TOTS and Liga Portugal TOTS

There are also really strong rewards this year in the Weekend League, in Division Rivals and, above all, in the Season Rewards. There are even guaranteed TOTS cards hidden there. You can read more about this here:

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