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FIFA 23 World Cup Mode Leaked

FIFA 23 continues to break sales records beyond even EA’s forecasts, with what will be its last title in the series under the FIFA license.


Its sales figures in USA continue to grow at an exponential rate (very soon we will leave you the figures for its second week), but also both those who acquired it at launch and those who jump onto the pitch these days in Playstation 5 they are going to find a surprise that is already circulating on the Internet. The World Cup mode has been leaked by mistakeand many users are already reporting that they have gained access to this new game option, which was scheduled to launch next month, when the real championship kicked off in Qatar.

How to access FIFA 23 World Cup Mode on PlayStation 5

We already warned you in advance. Although the game mode can be accessed as such, matches cannot be played at the moment, only access the game menus for that mode. That said, the user @FUTMentor has shown us how to access in Twitter.

  1. With FIFA 23 running on the console, we must press the PS button to access the game activities menu from the console
  2. We scroll through the multiplayer activities options until we find the FIFA World Cup option, and press.
  3. After a few seconds of loading (it does not find the data of the mode to play, since they will be part of a later update) we will be able to enter the World Cup Mode menu, in which Kylian Mbappé also appears in the background.

Are you looking forward to playing in the next Soccer World Cup in FIFA 23?


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