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FIFA and Roblox join forces for the creation of FIFA World. The future of FIFA?

The International Federation of Football Association (FIFA, for its acronym) and Robloxthe online gaming platform with more than 50 million daily active users, have jointly announced a multi-year partnership alongside the launch of FIFA World, a virtual gaming environment that has been created as part of the plan announced by FIFA in mid-May of this year to develop “new and diverse” interactive football experiences for fans. Remember that the Electronic Arts football simulators will be called from now on EA Sports FCso FIFA 23 is the last video game that the company has made under this name.

FIFA World is free to access and allows players to hang out in social spaces, earn rewards and collect various exclusive virtual items through various skill games and multiple challenges. In addition, it has been announced that it will also have regular events and that the USAplayer Pedri and the German Lena Oberdorf will be present in this virtual environment designed for sports lovers. Lastly, it is important to note that FIFA World is already available and that its managers plan to evolve over time to host FIFA’s top-level tournaments, such as the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023.

Some statements from those responsible

“The immersive FIFA experience on Roblox will provide football fans with a hugely exciting new way to interact with their friends, celebrate the rich culture and heritage around the world’s greatest sporting competitionand demonstrate their creativity and national pride through various features and mechanics,” says Romy Gai, FIFA’s chief commercial officer. “FIFA believes that such a multi-layered experience will lead to a truly inclusive and fun gamewhich in turn will attract new and current football fans from around the world, as well as promoting the values ​​of the sport to an even wider audience,” he adds.

In FIFA World, fans can come together to celebrate and express their love for each other

“Discovering and enjoying events together with friends from all over the world is a unique experience that often cannot be reproduced in the physical world. With FIFA Worldfans can come together to celebrate and express their love for one another, support their favorite teams, and access major FIFA sporting events throughout the year,” adds Christina Wootton, VP of Global Partnerships at Roblox.


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