FiiO SP3, review of the brand’s first compact speakers

Tom Henry

fiio sp3, review of the brand's first compact speakers

We start the week with the review of the FiiO SP3, the brand’s first speakers with which it wants to begin its journey in this segment. After succeeding in players and headphones, FiiO now presents some compact speakers with great features for sound lovers, offering each of them 40W of power in just 2.5 liters of volume.

FiiO SP3

Before starting the review we want to thank Zococity sending this product for analysis.

Technical specifications of the FiiO SP3

FiiO SP3
Drivers 3.5 inch carbon fiber midwoofer
1 inch silk tweeter
Crossover point: 3.4 kHz
Benefits Power: 2 x 30W + 2 x 10W
Frequency response: 65 Hz – 20 kHz
Impedance: 8Ω
Sensitivity: 85 dB
THD ≤ 0.02%
Crosstalk: 84 dB
SNR: 96dB
Tickets 2 x RCA
3.5mm jack
Dimensions 163 x 120 x 132mm
Weight 1.8+1.6kg

Packaging and Accessories

We begin the review of the FiiO SP3 In front of its packaging, a black cardboard box that shows us its desEsports Extrason the front, how it would look next to our PC and some of its specifications, although in Chinese.

Inner packaging

Inside, the pair of speakers is very well protected by layers of foam and cardboard boxes that also serve to perfectly organize the accessories.

FiiO SP3 - Accessories

In addition to the user manual, a pair of very high quality mesh cables. One of them allows interconnection between both speakers, while the other allows connection to an analog source via RCA or 3.5 mm jack.


An external current transformer that specifies 24V and 4.18A is also included, offering a maximum output power of 100W.

But the most unique accessory, or rather the accessories, are two pairs of rubber bases with 0º and 7º inclination that allow perfect support on the table, as well as a slight inclination if necessary.

FiiO SP3 – DesEsports Extrasand features

FiiO SP3 - Front View

We continue the review of the FiiO SP3 once removed from all their protections and placed on our work table. We are faced with a pair of stereo speakers made entirely in aluminum which offers a very unique desEsports Extraswith its wavy faces.

With dimensions of 163 x 120 x 132mmthey are really compact for 40W of power that each one of them offers, combining a total power 80W in just 2.5 liters each.

FiiO SP3 - Tweeter

We focus first on the 1 inch silk tweeter located in the upper area. This offers a 10W power and is capable of going up to 35 kHz, with its soft dome wave absorption structure.

FiiO SP3 - Midwoofer

In the lower area, we find a carbon fiber midwoofer of 3.5 inches that offers 30W power. This promises to go down to 65 Hz, somewhat above the usual 20 Hz, but this is to be expected given its size. In addition, it has a double diffusion S-shaped connection tube that allows it to reflect the air towards a rear outlet (bass reflex).

FiiO SP3 - Top and Bottom View

FiiO SP3 - Side View

FiiO SP3 - Back View

While the left speaker of the FiiO SP3 It only has one connector to the right, this is where we find the connectivity and controls. Of course, in both we find the air outlet of the bass reflex.


FiiO SP3 - Connectivity

The connectivity of the FiiO SP3 is perhaps its weak point. We say this since they only have two analog inputs: one RCA and one 3.5 mm jack. In these times, and not being very cheap speakers, some digital connection is missing or, even more so, a Bluetooth connection that allows us to use them with our mobile phone.

That said, what they do have is a potentiometer of volume control and another for bass control, which allows adjust the bass from -8 dB to 0 dB. In addition, we have a button to choose between the two audio inputs and another to configure the LED lighting, which we will later see once turned on. There is also an L/R selector that allows you to exchange the sound between both speakers, perfect if you want to place the bulk of the cables on the opposite side of the room.



In our case, we have installed the speakers FiiO SP3 for your review on the sides of our PC monitor. With their compact size, they are almost below the monitor itself, although even using the 7º inclined base, they are less inclined than I would like. It is something that is evident when you raise them slightly, since the tweeters should be pointing almost at the ears so that the sound reaches them better (they are very directional).

Detailed tests

A detail that we had skipped and that we show now is the RGB LED lighting. Both speakers have what looks like an RGB strip on the bottom edge, but it actually expands across the entire translucent base, although we can’t see it. It is an aesthetic detail that you may or may not like, but it suits you quite well and does not feel too intrusive in its elegant design.

Focusing on its sound, the first thing we must be clear about is that, with the dimensions of its drivers, We cannot expect bass with power or punch. What’s more, the bass wheel goes from some bass to no bass, but you can’t ask for more in its compact format. Perhaps, they could incorporate a subwoofer output to solve this “problem” but we would have to resort to a sound card with a subwoofer output to have an easy solution.

Exceptional soundstage

But beyond the fact that they are not speakers in which the bass has a lot of presence, it is difficult for their sound not to impress you from the first moment. As soon as they start ringing, we find a exceptional soundstage, spacious and well located, which is not at all what you would expect from two small speakers located on the sides of the screen. If you blindly told me that I had a center speaker, I would have serious doubts as to whether or not it was true.

In general terms, we have a sound with very good dynamics and a maximum volume that is surprising for its dimensions. In addition, they do not saturate in their entire sound regime, so again, outstanding for FiiO in these aspects.

As we have said, they offer some serious with little presencebut some really good and ultra clean mid bass. The media, however, is at a really high level., with voices and melodies present and in the foreground, representing the lateral balance effects very well and giving a great feeling in all types of music. Besides, Its tweeter provides clear and very bright treblewith a great level of detail for those small nuances that are sometimes difficult to hear with depending on which speakers.

Conclusions of the FiiO SP3

FiiO SP3

It’s time for the review of the FiiO SP3 to draw conclusions and the first of all is that we are facing a really good inaugural product. The FiiO designers are starting their journey in the world of speakers on the right foot, although not everything is perfect in this model. Obviously, the lack of bass depth It may be a problem for many users, but if you are looking for high-definition speakers that do not bother the neighbors in the least, these are clearly your great ally. You will have a quality of mids and highs enviable for any model of its priceand even for many more expensive, and a exceptional soundstage, so they are really speakers to take into account. Also to take into account is its desEsports Extraswith a aluminum chassis and with a RGB strip which gives them a touch of color, although it is not very configurable.

We can find them for sale at Zococity by 329.99 euros, an interesting price for the features they offer, but with some buts that overshadow it. Although they do not have great bass depth, they could well incorporate a subwoofer output to compensate for it. Likewise, I think they should incorporate digital or wireless connectivity, for other situations in which analog is not ideal.

Main advantages
+ Exceptional soundstage
+ Mids and treble at an outstanding level for its price
+ Very very compact and striking aluminum chassis
+ They include two rubber bases with 0º and 7º inclination
+ High maximum volume, with hardly any saturation along the way
Negative Aspects
Bass without depth, although normal for its size
No digital or wireless connectivity
Other Aspects
* RCA and 3.5mm jack inputs
* RGB LED Strip

Since The Computer Bug we grant you the Gold Award to the speakers FiiO SP3.

Gold Award

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