Filter the BGA of Intel Alder Lake-HX, Lunar Lake and Battlemage

filter the bga of intel alder lake hx, lunar lake and

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Filter the BGA of Intel Alder Lake-HX, Lunar Lake and Battlemage

Intel’s first foray into the world of GPUs and gaming graphics cards is getting a sequel. Which completely rules out all the rumors in which there was talk of the end of his recently begun adventure. Confirmation of it? And it is that, they have been officially revealed BGA substrates of the Intel Battlemage GPU and also of Arrow Lake-HX and Lunar Lake.

We can define the ARC Alchemist as a half glass, according to one point of view it is half full and according to another it is half empty. However, regardless of your point of view, there is a truth, in the old continent there has been no official launch and we hope that the same will not happen with Battlemage. At the same time, the slight generational leap from NVIDIA and AMD has strengthened the ARC A770which with the continuous improvements of the drivers and the current situation seems to be aging better than expected.

Intel Battlemage, Arrow Lake HX and Lunar Lake BGA Substrate Revealed

BGA Battlemage Intel GPU

In the latest update to its website, Intel has added new information on BGA substrates for Intel Battlemage GPUs What we will see in the future. So Intel will have a second generation of ARC graphics cards with improvements in performance and architecture. Very good news, because this confirms that Intel will continue, at least one more generation, in the graphics card market.

Specifically, the BGA substrate part is the one that does same functions as the socket in environments where the chip is not interchangeable. Which is the case of their own graphics cards and of the laptop processors.

At the same time, Intel has also released the BGA substrate specifications for Alder Lake HX. Let’s not forget that the HX range is always the desktop Intel Core, with the TDP reduced to 55 W and designed for high-end laptops. The fact that the specifications of both come out at the same time indicates a Intel Battlemage release for the second half of 2024.

Meteor Lake Factory

Although it is not expected at ARC Battlemage and the Arrow Lake-based laptops until well into 2024, it must be taken into account that the desEsports Extrasand development of the products must begin sufficiently in advance. Hence, Intel has already published the specifications of the BGA substrates for Battlemage and Alder Lake-HX.

At the same time, it has also revealed the BGM substrate for Lunar Lake, which is expected for the same dates and also belongs to the fifteenth generation of Intel Core processors, but for very low-power laptops. That is, with TDP less than 15W.

ARC Battlemage will have two different GPUs

Intel Battlemage Render

Which does not mean two different models of Graphic cardsince as you know, we can wait different graphics cards with variants of the same GPU. Although the ARC Alchemist They came on two different chips as well, so it seems the plans for Battlemage are a bit different than what we’ve seen with the first generation.

And in this case we have two BGA substrates for Battlemagethe first is the BGA2362-BMG-X2 and the other is the BGA2727-BMG-X3which is somewhat larger than that of the current BGA2660-DG2-512EU due to the greater number of pins, but we do not know what its specifications will be. We must not forget that the next bets from NVIDIA and AMD have been moved to 2025, so 2024 becomes an excellent time for Intel to try again.

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