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Filtered the format and the premiere of the VCT Game Changers

Since its official release, VALORANT has not stopped growing as a video game and electronic sport. In this last section, not only does the male competition have to do, but also the female one. The Game Changers became the most watched women’s tournament in all history at the end of 2022, something that has stimulated Riot Games to continue betting on the championship. For this, this 2023 this section of the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) would already have the premiere dates and a new format calculated to continue the progression.

As revealed Cecilia Ciocchettijournalist from Dot Esportsthis year’s VCT Game Changers will start at the beginning of April. The first week of April the open qualifiers will start to be able to access the tournament, where a total of 16 teams will access. Not all participating clubs will need to go through the qualifiers, since Riot Games will invite some organizations to pass directly. For example, G2 Gozen could be one of the women’s teams after dominating EMEA and winning the VALORANT Champions.

The great novelty of Game Changers compared to 2022 is the change in the format of the competition. During last year the teams played in a double table (upper and lower) made up of eighths, quarters, semifinals and final. Overcome the finals of both braces, the clubs went to the grand final to qualify for the title. Instead, this season the competition will feature a group stage like the men’s VCT. The groups will be made up of eight participants, who will play best-of-three matches and six of whom will qualify for the playoffs.


Arriving at the playoffs, the Game Changers will maintain the double draw they had to date. In addition, all the matches will be played to the best of three with the exception of the grand final, which will be the best of five.. The last classified of each group will be relegated to the contenders, the new second division of the circuit. With the introduction of new categories beyond regional competitions and Worlds, Riot Games restructured the circuit to give more opportunities for players to compete.

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