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Final Fantasy 16: a highly criticized element will be present in the game

final fantasy 16: a highly criticized element will be present

Naoki Yoshida, producer of Final Fantasy 16, explains that an element much criticized by fans when it was announced has been retained in the final version of the game.


Here we are just a stone’s throw from the release of Final Fantasy 16 on PS5. Square Enix’s RPG will be released on June 22 exclusively on the Sony console. Our preview of the game leads us to believe that the title will be spectacular, despite some reservations about the additional content. After a Final Fantasy 15 divisive, this episode wants to reconcile the fans with the cult license. Naoki Yoshida, director of the title, is particularly transparent with the public. He proves it once again by indicating, without taking tweezers, that a very criticized element will still be present in the final version of FF16.

The contested, but retained UI in Final Fantasy 16

In an interview with the YouTube channel Final Fantasy Union, Naoki Yoshida explains that the interface of Final Fantasy 16 had been changed after strong criticism from players. ” We heard the reactions of course when we released the first trailer and people saw the UI and then they commented that maybe it looked too much like a fighting game “, he explains in the preamble. Players pointed out that it didn’t fit the style of the game as it was too sci-fi oriented. But in the end, the development team decided to backtrack and keep what put off the audience.


We heard that and went back, redid the UI and made it fit the style of the game, but found it blended in too much with what was going on and became difficult to have. Ultimately, Final Fantasy 16 is an action-RPG. The action is very fast and things move. So these numbers and effects need to come out nicely or you’ll miss them in the heat of the moment. […]. So we decided to go back to what we had originally, because that was the best fit.

A different FF, but still a FF?

Naoki Yoshida is well aware that the loaded interface might surprise players at first glance. Despite everything, he thinks that over time, they will manage to get used to it without difficulty. It remains to be seen whether players will still be critical of the release. This is not the only point that saddens the community. It was recently confirmed that Final Fantasy 16 will also be without a feature mechanic from the license. It won’t allow free travel by ship or boat, just fast travel and Chocobos. The PS5 exclusive will therefore not hesitate to get rid of the license codes. It remains to be seen whether the bet will pay off. See you this summer to find out.