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Final Fantasy 16: Trailer allegedly postponed because of the war in Ukraine

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According to producer Naoki Yoshida, the latest trailer for Final Fantay 16 has been delayed due to the war in Ukraine.

As he explains in a Japanese interview, he felt the game’s subject matter, which involves hard stuff, was not appropriate after the events in Ukraine.

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According to him, the game was supposed to have been released in March, “but Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has made the world situation unstable.”

As Yoshida further explains, he wasn’t sure whether the game’s content would have been well received at the moment: “Since Final Fantasy 16 deals with a fairly difficult topic, I was wondering whether the second trailer, if released at this point would be really fun for the players.”

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According to director Yoshida, Final Fantasy 16 contains some serious themes that could be too distressing in times of war.

The director further explains that he also discussed this topic with the SIE group and that “after thorough discussions, it was decided to postpone the publication.”

It remains to be seen whether that is really the whole reason for a delay or not, because that cannot be judged from the outside. A sensitive handling of the war issue is in itself understandable.

In a conversation with Famitsu, the director also explains some parallels that, according to him, can be drawn between the game’s plot and real, political events: Certain magical incantations could be used as a symbol for weapons of mass destruction and the realm of Valisthea with its connection to the powerful mother crystal as well Land with rich resources such as oil can be read.

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According to his statement, the director wanted to avoid these associations at the current time out of tact. Now the Final Fantasy 16 with a quite mature scenario for the FF series will probably appear exclusively for the PS5 in the summer of 2023.

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