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Final Fantasy 16 will have two graphic modes on PS5, its producer confirms

final fantasy 16 is, for more than understandable reasons, one of the most anticipated video games of this year. Not surprisingly, we are talking about the long-awaited return through the front door of one of Square Enix’s most iconic franchises, something that has been more than confirmed after having been able to try the role-playing and action title first-hand. The Japanese company is currently in the midst of a promotional campaEsports Extrasfor the video game and, among other details, has revealed the graphic modes that will be available from launch on PS5, the only platform for which the game will be released on June 22. .

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Naoki Yoshida, producer of final fantasy 16has commented that the sixteenth final fantasy will have two main graphic modes: Performance and Frame Rate. Performance mode will allow gamers to enjoy an unprecedented visual experience thanks to 4K resolution, while Frame Rate mode will be more geared towards users who prefer a higher resolution. greater fluidity of play – believed to reach speeds of up to 60 frames per second – at the cost of lower resolution. The Japanese creative has not shared more information about these modes, but it is likely that we will know a little more as the release date approaches.

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The producer has reaffirmed the idea of ​​launching the title at the end of June, ensuring that does not anticipate “no delay” and that it would only not arrive on the indicated date in case “a meteorite falls on our headquarters in Japan”, so lovers of the saga can breathe easy.

Our first impressions of Final Fantasy XVI

final fantasy 16 has the potential and ambition to become a the best installment that has ever been made of this magical saga that has left us so many unforgettable moments in its 35-year history. A title that promises to offer us a complex and interesting world, a great story written, mature and with good characters, an intense development and with a rhythm measured to the millimeter, a sensational combat system, some bosses that leave you speechless and an audiovisual section that aims to push PS5 to the limit”, we concluded in our first impressions after testing the game in a special demo for the press.

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