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Final Fantasy 16 will use the British accent to fit its medieval European aesthetic

Although we still don’t know its release date (we know it will arrive in the summer of 2023, nothing more), lately we are getting a lot of information about it. final fantasy xvi, the next main installment in the Square Enix saga. This time the series will be set in a universe of european medieval aesthetic, which will have consequences in some aspects of the game such as the English voices; the producer of the project, Naoki Yoshidahas stated in an interview with Dengeki Online that the characters will have British accent, not Americanto fit into this aesthetic.

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“This time, both the motion capture and the voice acting have been done with european actors“, Yoshida begins explaining in the interview. “That yes, since those of us who designed the game are Japanese, first we wrote the script in Japanese, then we translated it into English and then we did the facial capture in english“, he continues.

Thus they will prevent ‘the American players from getting angry’

Throughout this process, those responsible for final fantasy xvi they wanted stay away from american english so as not to break the immersion in its medieval aesthetic: “Although it is English, we have been very careful not to include American accents,” says the producer before explaining the reason behind this idea: “We made this decision to prevent American players from becoming get angry: ‘I wanted a European medieval fantasy, why are there American accents?’“He continues laughing.

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In addition to this detail about the accents, Naoki Yoshida has also talked about how the medieval aesthetic relates to the European and how that will apply to the game: “There is a belief that medieval fantasy is equal to Europe, something popularized by The Lord of the Rings. Currently no game represents a medieval fantasy world on this scale with PS5 graphics, so we decided to focus on this aesthetic and merge it with our fantasy.”

final fantasy xvi coming to PS5 in the summer of next year. In Vandal We tell you everything we know about this ambitious and long-awaited project.

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