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Final Fantasy creator wants to release Fantasian on PC and make a sequel

fantasizethe action RPG created by Hironobu Sakaguchi, father of final fantasy, is currently an Apple Arcade exclusive video game. However, the Japanese creative has recently expressed his wish before the title reaches computers, in addition to working on a sequel. As reported from Esports ExtrasJapanSakaguchi made the remarks during the celebration of the Magic 2023 festival in Monaco, where he participated in a question and answer session about his career.

“We have received many requests to release the game on PC as well, and there have also been requests for a sequel, so we would like to continue working as hard as possible to meet your expectations,” said the creative when asked about the future of the game. fantasize. These statements surprise us since Sakaguchi said in 2021 that Fantasian could be his last project..

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fantasize It was released in two chapters and features a new soundtrack by legendary Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu. Its most unique feature is its artistic style: the game environments are real dioramas created by japanese artists who have worked on “tokusatsu” (special effects) movies, such as Godzilla, Attack on Titan and ultraman. These dioramas were scanned and turned into game environments, resulting in realistic backgrounds.

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What did we say about Fantasian?

“It has little things that could be improved, like some slightly thin dialogues, the secondary missions (from an errand boy, and they don’t even try to hide it), the resolution of certain backgrounds or the lack of translation into our language, but in these first hours with him too We have felt that magic of the final fantasy classics. fantasize It brings interesting ideas, a very personal aesthetic and memorable moments, and it is a title that, without a doubt, we recommend at least trying to all owners of an Apple device”, we said in our impressions.

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