Final Fantasy: the continuation of a very popular episode is becoming clearer

final fantasy: the continuation of a very popular episode is

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Final Fantasy: the continuation of a very popular episode is becoming clearer

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The sequel to a popular Final Fantasy episode is in the works, as Square Enix officially reveals. Great news for fans of the license.

There was a time when it was unimaginable that an episode of Final Fantasy could see a sequel. This credo was shattered with the release of FFX-2, which continued the touching story of Tidus and Yuna. FF7 is a somewhat special case, because it too sees its legend extend thanks to the prequels Crisis Core and Before Crisis before a sequel called Dirge of Cerberus which acts more as a spin-off. Subsequently, the “Final Fantasy XIII saga” will be entitled to three episodes, without really succeeding in bringing together the millions of fans of the license. And if this continuation of a popular episode which has just been unveiled succeeded in doing so?

Good news for Final Fantasy fans

The public has been waiting for FFX-3 for several years. But the sequel that has just been mentioned concerns a completely different game, more confidential, but just as appreciated which does not lack qualities: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. The announcement was made by producer Akitoshi Kawazu, in a post celebrating 20 years of the RPG on the official Final Fantasy website.

Personally, I regret not having been able to satisfy the fans who were hoping for a brand new Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles game. I know the characters deserve to shine again, but I couldn’t give them a new adventure. Believe that one day, a whole new chapter will be added to their adventure.

Akitoshi Kawazu explains that until now, he has not had enough time to work on a sequel, he who also served as executive producer of The Last Remnant and FF12. In any case, this is good news for players who have enjoyed this title apart in the history of Final Fantasy. Indeed, the game released in 2003 abandoned turn-based for action-oriented gameplay which marked a small turning point for the saga at the time. Subsequently, several spin-offs of the game were released, as well as a remaster in 2020 on Nintendo Switch, PS4, iOS and Android. This new version includes an online multiplayer mode, but also cross-play functionality.

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