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Final Fantasy XIV has a return date after being withdrawn from sale due to the avalanche of users

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In recent months, the reEsports Extrasin the . has gone straight to Final Fantasy XIV, on a path that hasn’t been easy for many years, but has put Square Enix’s game on top. So much so that they had to withdraw the game from sale to prevent new players from joining, since the servers were crashing and the experience was tarnishing, so they made that decision.

Now, through an official statement, Naoki Yoshida, director and producer of the game, has specified the plans for the content expansion of FF 14, starting with its return to availability so that new players can approach: it will take place on january 25.

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They have not kept the date, since simply with that, mistakes of the past could be repeated. So, Yoshida has also confirmed the expansion of servers worldwide, which will be reflected with a best performance in Japan, North America and Europe; although the process will begin to be implemented this summer, since the shortage of components does not facilitate this expansion.

Final Fantasy XIV, after the arrival of Endwalker, its latest expansion, has exceeded 25 million users around the world, with one million new registrations in the final month of the year. That caused a saturation to which they hope to find a solution, so that everyone can enjoy the adventure.

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Did you ever think your Titan was too big or your Phoenix too small in Final Fantasy XIV? Below we have explained how you can change the size of your pet in FF14 using commands.

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