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Final Fantasy XIV reveals new furniture for Animal Crossing island – I want them all

Final Fantasy XIV update 6.4 will be released at the end of May. Along with all the combat and quest content, there is also new content for the private island: patio furniture!

It’s about this island: If players complete the quite long story of FFXIV up to patch 6.0, they can unlock their own private island on which they can build buildings, take care of animals and produce various items that can then be sold for special currency.


Like many other players, I was really looking forward to the island after the announcement. According to FF14 boss Naoki Yoshida, it should be more relaxed and slower content (even if the reality looked different). You can prepare the production, just let it run in the background and count the money from selling materia and dyes.

The only disappointment for me and many others was that the island wasn’t very customizable. All players got the same buildings and layout, and you couldn’t place housing furniture. But that changes with Patch 6.4

This is new: In the producer stream for Patch 6.4, the boss, Naoki Yoshida, said that the private island is now getting its own furniture and also showed the first screenshot of what that could look like.


In the picture you can see various items that decorate the gardens of the FFXIV houses and they look great. You will be able to unlock up to 90 slots for such furniture as you level up your island.

The option finally allows my island to truly feel like mine. While it was a lot of fun to level and catch the animals (except for the Apkallu – that was annoying), it looked just like my friends’ islands.

But I’m still cautious about my optimism. It sounded on the producer stream like there were restrictions on where and how the items can be placed.

My hope is that we can use all currently available garden furniture on the island. I want them all.


A demonstration will follow in the next stream for patch 6.4.

Patch 6.4 also brings that

What content is next? In addition to the island update, patch 6.4 will also feature the usual wealth of content. The release of the update is scheduled for the end of May, probably on May 30th.

As usual, the content of the patch will be distributed over several months and not all at once. Coming:

  • Main story quests continue. According to Yoshida, the hot phase before the next addon is slowly approaching
  • Final stage of the 4-man raid Pandaemonium in normal and epic. The epic version will be released one week after the release of the update
  • New variant and criterion dungeons that have different endings depending on the route
  • The new trial fight is the villain Golbez in normal and extreme
  • New dungeon Aetherfont that appears to be somewhere in Sharlayan territory
  • New Tataru quests
  • The Blue Mage job gets new content and spells
  • More Hildibrand adventures
  • More upgrades for the Manderville weapons
  • Dream Trial Zurvan and more

But before that, the small patch 6.38 will go online on April 8th. He will remove the weekly loot restrictions in the Pandaemonium: Abyssos raid, bring some balance adjustments in PvP and start the next season of Crystalline Conflict PvP mode.

Fans of mounts and companions can still look around in patch 6.35 to see if they are still missing one or the other cosmetic item:

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