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Final Fantasy XIV: The best raiders in the world will have their rewards stripped like never before

Final Fantasy XIV boss Naoki Yoshida has spoken out about the use of illicit tools in the .. He wonders why the community always wants harder challenges, only to water down the experience with third-party software.

Third-party tools and mods are forbidden in Final Fantasy XIV because there is no anti-cheat, but the developers have no way of monitoring the use of the programs. The content is designed in such a way that players can actually handle it without the tools. Nevertheless, it happens again and again that players use unauthorized programs to gain an advantage.

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Just recently, a raid group that was able to snag the world-first kill in the ultimate raid “The Omega Protocol” received a lot of scorn and ridicule from the community. The group used third-party software to defeat the Ultimate Raid.

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Among other things, a zoom hack was used, which improves the overview of the combat events. The squad also used a hitbox Esports Extras cheat, a cooldown tracker, and other illicit tools.

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The great reaction of the community called the developers into action. Naoki Yoshida, the boss himself, reprimanded the use of these “tools”. He reminded the community that these programs are against the rules.


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Chief developer comments on the add-on controversy

What did Yoshi-P say? In a lengthy post on the official FFIX website, Naoki Yoshida, also known in the community by his nickname Yoshi-P, spoke about the controversy surrounding the Ultimate Raid “The Omega Protocol”.

He confirmed the community’s suspicion that some raid groups were using banned mods in the Ultimate Raid. Square Enix, the studio behind FFXIV, would thoroughly investigate the events and follow up on any suggestions from the community. They also use internal data for this, and some players have already admitted a violation of the Terms of Service.


Yoshida cannot understand why players on the one hand demand harder and harder content, but on the other hand resort to forbidden programs to make the content easier. By the way, it’s not the first time that Yoshida has taken a stand on this subject: FFXIV boss is disappointed because the best players don’t play by his rules

The developers also want to put a stop to the illegal distribution of in-game cut scenes that reveal details of the story. Yoshida talks about the fact that there must have been an internal leak. However, investigations into this are still ongoing.

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What are the penalties for the players? In his statement, Yoshida makes it clear that the use of mods and third-party software is prohibited. In the event of a violation, account penalties may apply. These range from a temporary account ban to a permanent closure of the account.

He goes on to say that the individual penalties are not made public. It is not company policy to make these decisions public. However, screenshots showing the extent of the penalties are circulating on Discord servers and community pages. One of the images shows a conversation between a member of the raid group “Unnamed_” and a game master.

The player will not be banned because he has apparently not used any of the tools himself, but he will be stripped of all titles and achievements. The game master also advises the player to delete the weapons they received from the raid “as soon as possible” themselves.


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