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Final Fantasy XVI announces the end of its development

In the most recent game development calendars it is common to see that the dates of work and the release of the title are very close to each other. Sometimes even separated by less than three weeks, in which the game is sent to prepare the physical editions, if it has them. This is also where the tendency to “patch day one” comes from, solving errors discovered or solved in those intervening weeks. But then there are the developments that are completed so far in advance that they surprise, as is the case with Final Fantasy XVI.

The jewel in the crown of Square Enix’s releases this 2023 has announced that it has concluded its development, almost three months before its launch on June 22.


It is to be expected that during these weeks leading up to the release the studio will continue to search for bugs and fix errors, so we can expect a highly optimized Final Fantasy XVI release for PS5, whose time exclusive will be at least six months, if not more.

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