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Final Fantasy XVI has exclusivity on PS5 due to the co-development of Sony

We already know the real reason why the Final Fantasy XVI will have an exclusive release for the PlayStation 5 console. This exclusivity is linked to time, meaning that PC users cannot enjoy this title until at least, half a year later that this game has debuted on the Sony console.

Although the confirmation of this exclusivity was linked to an excuse regarding to game optimization on the Sony console, today we know the real reason, and it is that Sony helped Square Enix with the development of the game. As a form of “thank you” for contributing their workforce to move the project forward, Sony made sure to ensure time-limited exclusivity so that Final Fantasy XVI can only be played on its next-generation console, the PlayStation 5.


In this way, we can see how Sony continues to impose exclusivities on its platformwhile accusing Microsoft of a monopoly advantage in case of acquiring Activision Blizzard. All this despite the fact that it has been offered a 10-year agreement in time to guarantee the Call of Duty saga on its platforms. This agreement has already been signed by NVIDIA and Nintendo.

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Sony worked with Square Enix to optimize Final Fantasy XVI on PlayStation 5

Final Fantasy XVI on PlayStation 5 exclusive

According to the latest statements by the game’s director to the Japanese website 4Gamer, Sony is actually a co-developer of Final Fantasy XVI. Specifically, it is said that this collaboration was necessary for the game was fully optimized for PlayStation 5. Additionally, great support was mentioned when investing money by Sony for the publicity of the launch of this new delivery.


“From our point of view, the technical support we receive from the hardware manufacturer is an important factor when signing contracts [de exclusividad].

This time, there was a [periodo de tiempo] in which we were developing the game together with SIE engineers. They know the hardware through and through, and we received generous support on optimization that we couldn’t manage on our own. Also, by not developing on a multi-platform basis, we were able to put more man hours into things like game building and optimization. In addition, we can also do joint promotions globally which makes me wonder: How much would this cost if it turned into money? Technological and promotional support are things we would like to receive if we can receive them.”

Sony would also have helped in the development of its new graphics engine

Final Fantasy XVI graphics 1

Another interesting detail is that Final Fantasy XVI will not use the Luminous Engine graphics engine. This was used in Final Fantasy XV and the recently released Forspoken. It must be remembered that the company behind this game is facing a merger with Square Enix after the failure of Forspoken. Taking into account that it is a graphics engine optimized for PS5, exclusivity even makes sense. Although come on, the PS5 is a PC with x86 hardware and a different OS. Porting the game to PC won’t cost them much, although optimizations would be required for users with a PC with more modest hardware.

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Now of course, when its version arrives on PC, let’s hope they put at least half the emphasis on optimization Made on PS5.

“To talk a bit of business, Forspoken and Final Fantasy XVI started development around the same time. Final Fantasy XVI actually uses an engine that we built specifically for Final Fantasy XVI. So there’s not a lot of technology sharing between Forspoken and Final Fantasy teams.”

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