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Final Fantasy XVI has officially gone Gold

Even with scheduled dates, many games are subject to delays, however once the Gold milestone is reached, there is no going back. Well that’s what happens with final fantasy 16, so those who have been eagerly awaiting the action RPG’s release in June can rest easy. The development team has been saying for a while that the game is in the final stages of production, and it looks like it has now crossed the finish line.

Via Twitter, Square Enix recently announced that final fantasy 16 has become Gold. That means core development has wrapped up and your master copy is now ready to be shipped and printed on retail discs. While the development team will likely continue to work on the game as they look to polish it further in the coming weeks, all of that will come in the form of pre-launch or day-one patches.


Square Enix recently showed a new trailer for final fantasy 16, Showing off your exploration game and world. A lengthy panel at PAX East also showed off more gameplay footage, including Eikon battles, combat, and much more.

final fantasy 16 It will be out for PS5 on June 22. A demo will be released roughly a couple of weeks before launch, and players will be able to transfer save data over to the full game.

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