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Final Fantasy XVI PS5 Bundle, Limited Edition DualSense and Covers Announced

final fantasy xvi ps5 bundle, limited edition dualsense and covers

PlayStation and Square Enix have announced a package of final fantasy 16 PS5. Scheduled for release on the same day as the RPG title, the pack will be available through Sony’s own PlayStation Direct retail channel.

Along with the bundle, which will include a standard PS5 along with a copy of Final Fantasy XVI, Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia has also unveiled a PS5 Digital Edition bundle as well as the wireless controller. DualSense Final Fantasy XVI Limited Edition.


Along with the packs and controller, there will also be a limited edition cover. Final Fantasy 16 PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition, as discovered by Gematsu. It is currently unknown if the limited edition DualSense controller and PS5 skins will make their way beyond Japan.

In the meantime, here are the prices for the packages and drivers:

  • Package final fantasy 5 PlayStation 16 Digital Edition – 56,980 yen
  • Limited Edition DualSense Wireless Controller final fantasy 16 – 8,980 yen
  • Limited Edition PlayStation 5 Cover final fantasy 16 – 7,980 yen
  • Limited Edition PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Cover final fantasy 16 – 7,980 yen

The package PS5 Final Fantasy XVI it will be available for pre-order starting May 4, and is priced the same as any other PS5 game bundle.

final fantasy 16 It will hit stores on June 22 exclusively on PS5.