Final Fantasy XVI shows its magic in a new gameplay full of summons, but it won’t arrive until next year

Tom Henry

It was one of the most anticipated announcements for this month of June and it has finally happened. Naoki Yoshida warned that the trailer for Final Fantasy XVI was practically ready and we have finally been able to see it during the State of Play.

In all its glory, looking magic and with an impressive visual section. Square Enix’s work is an exclusive on consoles for PS5, beyond its launch on PC. In addition, we have received a launch window, because we will have it on our screens in the summer of 2023.

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A specific date for its arrival has not been specified, so we have to wait, although Yoshida explained that Final Fantasy XVI is in its polishing phase, something that has been endorsed through the PlayStation blog. We have been able to see a good portion of combat, moving away from the classic turns and betting on a strong dose of direct action.

The invocations will have a fundamental weight in the battles, in what seems to be 1vs1 fights between Ifrit, Shiva or Garuda. On the other hand, Yoshida clarified that he intends to recover the veteran followers of the saga.

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