Final Fantasy XVI took note of the UI feedback but later backed down

final fantasy xvi took note of the ui feedback but

Tom Henry

Final Fantasy XVI took note of the UI feedback but later backed down

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Less than four weeks after its release, the anticipation for Final Fantasy XVI grows with each passing day. The title will be a shock to the traditional formula of the JRPG series, which here changes to a pure and simple action format, something that we already commented on in our recent impressions after trying the latest version, but that may not be to everyone’s liking Players.

The producer of this installment, Naoki Yoshida (who also responded to some questions from the Gamereactor team), has now come forward to defend his position against some complaints and suggestions from fans regarding the user interface. Specifically, the way in which the damage figures appear with each attack, with a neon aesthetic that, for some, hardly matches the medieval setting of the title. The development team modified this interface, but has since brought it back.

“When we released the first trailer and people saw the user interface, we heard a lot of comments that it looked too much like a fighting game,” Yoshida said in an interview with the Final Fantasy Union channel. “It was too sci-fi, it didn’t fit the style of the game.

“And we found that, yeah, the first time you see it, it kind of freaks you out. But the more you see it, the more you get used to it and the more you realize that it really fits what’s going on.”

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