Final Fantasy XVI will have a demo two weeks before launch

As is customary these days, a new demo for final fantasy 16 It will arrive on PlayStation 5 two weeks before the game launches later this summer. The title has been getting some juicy new information, and while many of these new details have surely made the wait until release skyrocket, it turns out that final fantasy 16 it will be playable in a small capacity ahead of its June 2023 release date.

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In a recent discussion with Famitsu, the producer of final fantasy 16, Naoki Yoshida, revealed that Square Enix plans to release a demo for the title before its arrival. Yoshida explained that the demo is in development right now and will probably drop a couple of weeks before it’s released. final fantasy 16 hit the stores. While a release date for this PS5 demo has yet to be announced, this would delay the test to arrive in the first week or two of June.

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“A trial version is planned. However, it will be delivered just before the release date. This is because the desire to play that I got from the trial vanishes if I publish it months before launch. We are already preparing for the test version, but I think we will probably be able to deliver the beginning of the story about two weeks before the release date.

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final fantasy 16 it will launch later this year on June 22 and will be exclusive to PS5. It also seems likely that a PC version of the game will be released in the future, but Square Enix has yet to officially confirm this.