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Final Fantasy XVI will have more than 11 hours of cinematic scenes

final fantasy 16, it’s supposed to be out in June of this year, and being the next numbered entry in the franchise Square EnixIt is a highly anticipated title. It will have a darker tone and atmosphere, real-time combat, and massive Eikon (summons) battles. Of course, the fact that Naoki Yoshida Final Fantasy 14 being involved as a producer is also significant.

There’s been quite a bit of combat seen, but there’s also a fair amount of cutscenes. At a recent press event attended by outlets including Gematsu, Yoshida confirmed that there are more than 11 hours of cinematic scenes. in the main story.

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“One thing that was important to us, however, was telling a story that was complete, from beginning to end, and in that, we believe we have been successful. To facilitate this, there are over 11 hours of cinematic scenes on the main stage alone, all seamlessly woven into the game experience, playing on the engine in real time.”

For his part, director Hiroshi Takai previously confirmed that the story would take between 35 and 40 hours to complete. Having more than 11 hours of cutscenes is a bit of an exaggeration but having different moments like drama, action, humor, etc. will not be a problem. However, there’s a lot of optional content included as well, which should bump your playback time up to around the “70 hour mark or so.”

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final fantasy 16 It will be released on June 22 for PS5. Yoshida said he doesn’t anticipate any delays unless something drastic happens like a “meteor hitting our headquarters in Japan.”

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