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Final Fantasy XVI will not arrive soon on PC, even after the six months of exclusivity | we are xbox

It is appreciated that once and for all the producer of the project clarifies that Final Fantasy XVI won’t be coming to PC soon. Statements from insidious insiders and bordering on ridiculous speculation should stop, as we know firsthand that the game won’t be coming to other platforms for a long time.


In case you didn’t know, Final Fantasy XVI will be the first game in the series to fully embrace the frenetic action genre, imitating sagas like *text muted* May Cry. Its premiere is scheduled for June 22, 2023, with an exclusivity for PS5 that will last six months. So a port of the title that would arrive in 2024 for Xbox and PC was always an up-and-coming possibility.

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Final Fantasy XVI won't be coming to PC soon

Final Fantasy XVI won’t be coming to PC soon, efforts are focused on the PS5 version

In a post posted on the PlayStation Japan blog, the producer Naoki Yoshida had to clarify the issue of the arrival of Final Fantasy XVI to the different platforms of the market. If anything the PS5 exclusivity lasts six monthsthere would be no reason why, after that period, there would be ports for Xbox Series X | S and PC.

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Yoshida clarified that the PS5 version would be the best, since all the resources are being diverted in this version. In any case, common sense says that work on ports for other platforms should start when the game is released. The producer of the game makes it clear that this will not be the case, and if for some reason the work for the versions on other platforms occurs immediately after the release, development would not last just six months.

Speaking exclusively of the most requested version, the PC version, this would eventually exist, but not soon. What he producer Yoshida What he wants to avoid is for players to wait six months to test the game on other platforms, since the reality is that Final Fantasy XVI won’t be coming to PC anytime soon, and it would be a safe bet that it won’t be coming to Xbox eventually either.