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Find Your Next Game: gamescom 2023

find your next game: gamescom 2023

Here’s to something new with our Find Your Next Game (FYNG) event! With our edition for gamescom 2023 we will keep you up to date with all the information, news, specials, previews and interviews. Here you can find out what awaits you this year.

Danger: We update this news daily during the gamescom week! It’s worth stopping by.


What is FYNG? FYNG stands for Find Your Next Game. The term includes a mix of news and special content on our Webedia pages in combination with live streams. Along with us, the colleagues from GameStar and GamePro are also at the start.

You can watch the streams on our Monsters And Explosions channel on Twitch. We invite you to join us to discuss the hottest releases of the year and everything else that makes our gaming hearts beat faster. Enjoy talks, live gameplay sessions, and tons of community interaction in chat!

When does FYNG gamescom 2023 start? It starts on Tuesday, August 22 at 6:00 p.m. with the opening night live. New trailers and announcements await you here. Wednesday to Saturday there will be a colorful bouquet of content for you every day from around 3 p.m. – partly from our studio in Munich, partly directly and fresh from the event in Cologne.


FYNG under the sEsports Extrasof MeinMMO

Who from MeinMMO is on Gamescom for you? Our on-site team includes:

  • Leya Jankowski: Our editor-in-chief will take a look at a few games for you and at the same time consider which of them we will look after more on MeinMMO in the future. Along with…
  • Anna Alberg: Our video producer will also talk to content creators for a few interviews and record impressions of the event on video for you.
  • Benedict Grothaus: Benedict is currently working diligently through Baldur’s Gate 3. At Gamescom, however, he has his eye on survival games and everything a bit obscure for you.
  • Mark Sellner: Our freelance writer for . naturally focuses primarily on . ideas.
  • Alexander Leitsch: After Alexander, as our . editor, dedicated himself to Elder Scrolls Online, Lost Ark and Ashes of Creation, among other things, he will of course also play and test MMOs for you at Gamescom 2023

Who from MeinMMO is there for you in the stream program? In addition to fresh trade fair content, we will of course also be represented in the stream. We will update this section daily from Tuesday. It’s worth stopping by!

The complete FYNG program

What’s on the agenda? Here the details.


So much for our program for this year’s FYNG gamescom. Have fun!