Firaxis Games, creators of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, suffers about 30 layoffs

firaxis games, creators of marvel's midnight suns, suffers about 30

Tom Henry

Firaxis Games, creators of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, suffers about 30 layoffs

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Firaxis Games, known for their games of XCOM, civilization and the most recent Marvel’s Midnight Suns, has suffered about 30 layoffs this week as reported Axios by a source familiar with the study. A company spokesperson for 2K Games has justified it to “improve efficiency”: “The studio remains committed to developing critically acclaimed games.”

The movement comes after the commercial disappointment of the game of strategy with Marvel characters. Take-Two attributed it to the poor choice of the release date and not so much to the quality, because it was praised by critics. After passing through PC, Xbox Series and PlayStation 5, it was released last May on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 while the Nintendo Switch version was cancelled. In the debut it failed to sneak into the 100 best-selling games in the United Kingdom of 2022.

Last March Take-Two confirmed cuts in the staff of its Private Division label, publisher of OlliOlli World and Kerbal Space Program as well as other equipment not detailed. Jake Solomon, Director of Midnight Suns and XCOMleft Firaxis in February after 23 years with the developer and shortly after it was confirmed that they had started create next civilization.

A great strategy game

Marvel’s Midnight Suns it’s all a game. A Esports Extrasntic title, brilliantly designed and with lots of interconnected systems that work like a charm. The combats are, without a doubt, its great strength, offering us some exciting, deep battles, full of tactical, varied, challenging and very spectacular possibilities that will have us totally absorbed while we rack our brains to solve each turn, something to which we must add to it an exquisite mission desEsports Extrasthat never ceases to amaze”, we counted in his analysis.

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