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Fire Emblem Engage: 25 tricks, secrets and tips so that you do not resist any battle


Fire Emblem Engage: 25 tricks, secrets and tips so that you do not resist any battle

2023 has only just begun and Nintendo has already launched in nintendoswitch one of the most outstanding video games of this year, such as Fire Emblem Engage. The new installment of the saga is already on sale with an epic adventure full of strategic battles.

Before getting down to work, we invite you to take a look at a list that we have prepared with 25 tricks, secrets and tips that will come in handy so that good may triumph throughout the world of Elyos.

Fusion with the Emblems

The merge with the Emblems It is undoubtedly one of the pillars of the game, so use it wisely at the most opportune moments, such as against very tough enemies or to use certain abilities or weapons that are activated through this process.

Gaining experience with Emblems

Fighting side by side with the Emblems is always good to gain experience points that will increase the Lasso Level, allowing you to unlock more skills and additional attributes.

Fire Emblem Engage Tips 02

A quick way to turn fusion back on

Because the Crests are so powerful, fusing with them can only be used for three turns. Then you have to wait for the energy to recharge, although it is also possible to locate some blue dots scattered around the map that make the fusion reusable.

The importance of the elements of the scenarios

The maps are not simple terrain through which the units will have to be moved without further ado. Some of them have special places that grant characteristics such as greater evasion, the possibility of restoring life points, etc.

Get bonuses thanks to other players

Whenever you can, it’s a good idea. fight the confrontations connected to the Internet, because that will cause the stage to generate some yellow points and others purple based on the activity of other people. The former deliver experience points or lasso experience, while the others contain objects and weapons for the characters.

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Darkness is not the best ally

There are certain maps where the lights will turn off completely. It is clear that fighting blindly is not the best option, but the enemies will use it against us to sneak and attack from the shadows. It is because of that it is vital to light the torches or take advantage of Emblems capable of it to be clear about what is around us.

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Take a close look at the layout of the maps

Apart from the enemies and the areas that can grant advantages, it can also be the case that in some scenarios there are chests with hidden treasures, but above all collapsible walls in order to attack enemies from different flanks.

Fire Emblem Engage Tips 06

Prepare thoroughly before each fight

Before starting the action with your turn-based combat, it is a good idea to take a good look at what the map is like and what enemy units there are, in order to choose the most suitable heroes for the occasion, since there are a certain number of characters that can be played. select max.

Leaving the game to bail us out

In the long run, so many items are collected or there are so many Emblems that it can be difficult to determine which ones are best for each unit. Luckily, the game itself facilitates this task, because you only have to hit “optimize” and will automatically select the best team for each character without having to break our heads.

Differences Between Units

During the game you will get a multitude of different characters. Not all units function and attack in the same way, so it is important to learn what makes each one special in order to master them perfectly when it comes to fighting.

Fire Emblem Engage Tips 05

the wheel of weapons

What is undoubtedly one of the main features of the saga returns once again. It is one of the most essential lessons that you should not forget, as is the fact that certain weapons prevail over others in this order:

  • sword > ax > spear > sword

Similarly, bows can hit flying units hard, which is another detail to keep in mind.

Choosing the most suitable weapons

By moving the characters towards the enemies and putting them face to face we can see which of the weapons will take more life points from the enemies, in the same way that it will show how much damage each one will cause or the order in which they will attack. Luckily you can easily see all these details before choosing the most appropriate weapon.

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Wreaking havoc with the breakup

In addition to causing more damage than normal, using certain weapons superior to others also serves to cause an effect called Rupture. If it is applied it will make the enemies unable to counterattack in any way, which incidentally serves to hold up better, although they can also activate it.

Fire Emblem Engage Tips 04

The utility of the sticks

Certain units are specialized in the use of staves to heal teammates’ health points. Unlike the rest of the weapons, they have a number of uses, but they are also capable of generating blocks that hinder the advance of the opposing army.

Combine unit attacks

If two units are placed next to the same enemy they will be able to carry out a chain attack. The first will not cause as much damage as the second, but no matter how little it is, it is always good. In addition, healing each other will also increase your support level to increase your attributes if you fight together.

Keep an eye on the Danger Zone

Each of the units can move a certain number of squares on the map, as is also the case with opponents. for that very reason Pay attention to the Danger Zonewhich is the amount of space through which the opponents can move so as not to place ourselves in their range and be sold.

Fire Emblem Engage Tips 03

never throw in the towel

Sometimes when performing a movement or an attack we may not be satisfied with the result, so it can be used the Dragon Timegeman article to go back as many turns as we want and thus make other decisions that prevent a fateful fate from occurring.

Prizes after battles

At the end of a battle we can move freely around the map from a third-person point of view in order to talk with allies to get tie points, but the most important thing is that there will be objects lying on the ground and there will also be animals to adopt them .

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Combat galore with skirmishes

On the map of Elyos there will be times when completely optional battles called skirmishes. They are not essential to progress in the story, but they are necessary to gain experience and level up if the campaEsports Extraschokes you.

Fire Emblem Engage Tips 08

Recruit companions with the diversions

Another type of battles that are not mandatory to advance are diversions. In these cases they perform the same function as skirmishes, but why they are so essential is because they allow recruit additional characters to increase ranks.

unlock more classes

When you reach a more advanced point in the game you will get some highly coveted items called stamps. Thanks to them, the units will be promoted to more advanced classes in order to improve their statistics and abilities or even to specialize them in a different class.

Return to the Somniel whenever you can

When a battle ends, the game offers the option of returning to Somniel, the base of the protagonists. There are numerous activities, shops, mini-games and hidden objects that appear after each fight, in addition to being able to talk to your companions to improve your relationship with them or participate in the Colosseum to gain experience points.

Fire Emblem Engage Tips 07

Increases the quality and quantity of Emblems

One of the main rooms of the Somniel is the Hall of Emblemswhere you can take a cloth to polish them and thus improve the relationship with them, but you can also unlock secondary Emblems or inherit abilities that have been previously obtained.

Donate money to other regions

Getting large amounts of money is not an easy task and even less if you dedicate yourself to donating it to other allied regions of Elyos. However, it is worth it because in return they will give you gifts and it will cause more secondary battles to appear on the world map.

Connect the amiibo

Finally, in the Somniel you will find another place that will allow you connect your Amiibo collection to the game. Only five of them can be used every 24 hours to receive in exchange objects or other more special elements if the figures belong to the series Fire Emblem.

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