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Fire Emblem Engage confirms official manga


Fire Emblem Engage confirms official manga

More news from Fire Emblem Engage! The information focuses in this case on an official manga adaptation.

Specifically, it is an official announcement confirming that there will be manga serialized every month in the Japanese magazine Jump. This is confirmed:

  • The prologue chapter will premiere on February 3, 2023 in Saikyo Jump, and then the first chapter will premiere on March 3, 2023.
  • New installments will be released every month.
  • The manga stars the male version of Alear and Kazurou Kyou is the responsible mangaka, known for his works on Dead-end-Host, Himedoll! and Houkago.
  • The first three chapters will be offered on Weekly Shonen Jump+ for free, and subsequent chapters will only be available for free for three weeks after their debut.
  • Follow the plot of the game:

He meets Alear, who awakens from a thousand-year sleep at a time when the Fallen Dragon’s seal begins to weaken. At the same time, the people and the Emblem Heroes also sealed the Fallen Dragon a thousand years ago. To fulfill his mother’s dying wishes, Alear sets out on a journey to find the twelve Crest Rings, which will help seal the Fallen Dragon once more.

Below are some samples:

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We will be attentive to inform you of its availability. What do you think? If you are interested, you can take a look at our full coverage of the title, which opens today, January 20, 2023, at this link. You also have below its characteristics:

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Fire Emblem Engage

  • The new installment in the Fire Emblem series takes place in Elyos, a continent made up of four nations that surround a Sacred Land. A thousand years ago a bloody war broke out between Elyos and the Fallen Dragon.
  • During the conflict, the inhabitants of Elyos summoned heroes from other worlds to help them: the so-called Crests. Warriors from different nations fought together alongside them and eventually succeeded in banishing the Fallen Dragon. However, certain signs portend the imminent return of this fearsome enemy…
  • In this adventure you will play Alear, a Divine Dragon who wakes up a thousand years after the war without any memory. Prepare for the challenge and fight alongside your allies in combat that combines role-playing and strategy to thwart the return of the Fallen Dragon.
  • Command yourselves on the battlefield by summoning Emblems, including Marth, Celica, and other heroes from previous Fire Emblem installments, who dwell within Emblem rings. By donning these rings, Alear and his allies can borrow the power of these Emblems, thus improving their attributes and accessing much more powerful abilities. Heroes can also use powerful magic to “fuse” with the Emblems, combining their powers and unlocking unique attacks to lay waste to the enemy.

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A great adventure awaits you! Meet different allies and enemies in each nation, discover the Crests that slumber in each ring, and bond with them in this fight to save the world.


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