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Fire Emblem Engage icons arrive for NSO users


Fire Emblem Engage icons arrive for NSO users

One of the things that Nintendo Switch users have requested the most is being able to customize the account of our console. After almost six years, the hybrid has yet to receive a major update where we can customize the menu with themes like we did on Nintendo 3DS. However, something is something, and for some time we can customize our user’s icon to our liking, and if you are a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber, even more so. And it is that the players who are subscribed to this plan, can get new icons, backgrounds and frames that are launched in various waves during a certain time. That is why games like Super Mario Odyssey, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Splatoon 3 or Nintendo Switch Sports, already have their own icons.

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Get the Fire Emblem Engage Icons

Finally, we can enjoy one of the most anticipated games of this year for Nintendo Switch. Effectively, Fire Emblem Engage It is already on sale, and very soon you will be able to read our analysis here, at NextN. The most staunch fans of the strategy game are in luck, not only for the launch of the latest title in the saga, but also because starting today they will be able to get their own icons if they are Nintendo Switch Online users. To get the icons, backgrounds and frames, you just have to enter your Nintendo Switch in the Nintendo Switch Online section and “buy” the icons you want with platinum coins.

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Fire Emblem Engage will have nothing more and nothing less than six pack of icons, which will be released for six consecutive weeks. The first pack is already available from today until the next day 26 of January.

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