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Fire Emblem Engage: Legendary Warriors and Emblems List

The franchise Fire Emblem It is not shy about bringing back classic characters from previous installments in the most modern ones. This began to accentuate from 3DS with the DLC of Fire Emblem Awakening, while the Amiibo figures kept doing the job. Characters like Marth and Roy first became known in the West with Super Smash Bros. Meleebut are now widely familiar. Fire Emblem Engage it doesn’t delegate all of these legendary warriors to Amiibo gifts or DLC, it makes them ’emblems’ or spiritual companions in arms.


It’s not like the protagonists of each previous game were co-stars, but their spirits do play a bigger role. The emblem mechanic in Fire Emblem Engage it lives up to the name of the franchise and every main game since its birth. They serve as summons to the continent of Elyos via rings of power and add a bit of variety with a good load of the much-mentioned ‘fanservice’.

Maybe for new players doesn’t mean the same. In contrast, those who have started since the Western days of the Game Boy Advance or played the DS and 3DS ‘remakes’ of the early games will carry more nostalgia in Fire Emblem Engage. It can be said that it is an interdimensional ‘crossover’ of Fire Emblem with greater ambitions than seen in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


What are the emblems of Fire Emblem Engage?

Each emblem or ring can be equipped as a support to one of the main characters of Fire Emblem Engage. Said emblem increases the power of the unit and provides additional movements, as well as combinations of attacks. Similarly, on the battlefield you can merge warriors and their emblems to unlock more powerful special abilities.

These fusions raise combat stats so high, that they are only available for three turns and you have to wait for them to recharge. To re-execute the devastating attacks you can also place blue points and thus recharge the fusions more quickly.

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list of emblems Fire Emblem Engage

There are 12 emblems in total that represent each main game of Fire Emblem. Below is the list of emblems of Fire Emblem Engage. We won’t mention just one to avoid ‘spoilers’.


1.Marth – Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light

fire emblem engage emblems

The most recognizable character in the franchise and first overall. Marth is the protagonist of the original game for the Famicom, its sequel and the ‘remakes’ for Nintendo DS: Shadow Dragon Y New Mystery of the Emblem. This noble and charismatic swordsman accompanies Alear, the protagonist of engage. His attack and speed are vastly improved thanks to Marth.

2. Celica – Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

fire emblem engage emblems

Princess of Zofia, priestess and warrior. With her holy magic, Celica can attack up to two targets at the same time thanks to her unique ability. Similarly, Celica is able to teleport to far space and attack from there. A perfect choice for dispatching weak but large units. She can raise the magic damage of whoever she accompanies.

3. Sigurd – Genealogy of the Holy War


It is the emblem of the Holy War, Duke of Chalphy. Sigurd is a knight of powerful heritage with mobility and high level spear attacks. This favorable speed to move applies to his fusion special attack in Fire Emblem Engage. His other ability allows him to move between enemy units dealing damage in his path, brutal and immaculate.

4.Leif – thracia 776

fire emblem engage emblems

The true emblem of genealogy is the Valiant Prince of Leonster, in whose veins runs the blood of a knight and a warrior princess. He is Sigurd’s nephew and versatile warrior of sword, axe and spear. His counter ability responds with the best weapon and highest defense when you have arsenal advantage in the triangle (sword > ax > spear).

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5.Roy- The Binding Blade


The young prince of Pherae and son of Eliwood. Despite his young age, he is intelligent and brave like his father. His abilities increase the attack level and his support allows you to execute powerful counterattacks. Magic warriors are not the best option for Roy’s company, so all the power of physical attacks are in favor of this lion and future king.

6.Lyn- The Blazing Blade

fire emblem engage emblems

A noble swordswoman from Sacae, part of a nomadic tribe that lives off the wild. In addition to melee attacks, Lyn is also skilled with a bow to attack from a distance. Her abilities prevent enemies from counterattacking. In turn, she can unleash up to five ranged attacks that make her a threat in the open.

7. Eirika – The Sacred Stones


Princess of Renais and twin of Prince Ephraim. She compassionate and able to break defenses with her sword. The brothers are a balanced support that does not exceed any specific point. Some skills help dodge attacks and do extra damage to units with high defense. They work best on maps with a lot of armor-wearing enemies.

8.ike- Path of Radiance

fire emblem engage emblems

Mercenary leader and hero of Tellius with unmatched strength. He can destroy obstacles with his sword and axe, but defense is his forte. He keeps his warrior ally as a fortress and endows her with abilities that enhance his strength. Ike works like a tank, both holding back the advance of the enemy and dispatching them one by one that gets in his way.

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9. Micaiah – Radiant Dawn


Daein’s Priestess of Dawn. Micaiah possesses healing powers and visions of the future, the quintessential healer of all emblems. Her special ability is so powerful that she can heal all allies on the battle map, taking away any chance for the enemy. In addition, the character receives experience for each unit recovered, glorious.

10. Lucina – awakening

fire emblem engage emblems

Princess of Ylisse from a lost future. Lucina can forge strong bonds with allies and muster that strength to attack enemies. Hitting fast and protecting her friends is what Lucina does best. Her bonuses for her dexterity and sword-edge attacks make her ideal for characters skilled in both aspects, not so much with magical warriors.

11.Corrin- Fates: Birthright / Conquest / Revelation


Princess of two kingdoms at war. Corrin possesses iron will and the blood of the first dragons. This allows you to remove obstacles from the battlefield –such as fire– or plant healing cells. Her torrent attack mows down enemies in front and adds the water effect to the terrain. Dragon Inheritance protects allies and blocks enemies.

12. Byleth – Three Houses

fire emblem engage emblems

Mercenary turned professor at the Garreg Mach Monastery in Fódlan. He increases the stats of any nearby units. With the dance of the goddess ability, he allows said units to attack again. As a good teacher, he helps the weaker warriors in his group of allies. An invaluable support in the arena and skilled with all kinds of weapons.

From this list of emblems of Fire Emblem EngageWhat are your favorites and which ones do you think were missing?

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