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First hours with Temtem 1.0: a great alternative to Pokemon with a promising competitive

Temtem has already arrived in its final version and after my first hours of play I have found a new approach to monster collecting, deeply inspired by Pokemon, with very good ideas, a twist in combat and a competitive approach that will seduce even the most casual gamers.

The concept proposed by Temtem seduced me from the first moment: a “Pokemon Made in USA” that seeks listen to the players of the veteran Game Freak saga, simplifying some mechanics while deepening others, and all this based on a MMO with attractive aesthetics and available in all major platforms. A very smart bet that Crema Games has been polishing throughout its early access and that has hit the market with its version 1.0 this week. I have already been able to dedicate my first twelve hours to the game to its final version and the truth is that it has left me with a very good taste in my mouth and the desire to continue capturing new Temtem.

Temtem combines a casual aesthetic for its characters, environments and creatures with stylized flat shadows without black borders that give the game a a clean, lively and very colorful artistic section. But this is a game about catching fantasy creatures and bonding with them, so Temtem desEsports Extrasis paramount. Some of them have made me smile, many of them are adorable and some of them are quite forgettable, but it has been easy for me to get a team made up of a good group of fellow adventurers who I want to see evolve.

Our journey begins when we wake up at our mother’s house, and she reminds us that we must visit Professor Konstantinos. The professor will give us a choice between three Temtem so that we can start our adventure, he will provide us with a practical tool to register the creatures with which we come across the world and we will have our first fight against Max, a repellent young man from the town who promises to be our rival throughout the game. From there, our first great challenge awaits us outside our village: defeat the leader of the dojo of another city. If all this sounds like you, it’s normal, this is the structure of the story with which Pokemon started and the study has not hesitated to replicate it in what is a declaration of intent that, as I have been able to verify, not only affects the narrative.

Dense routes and team battles

Already underway on our journey to be a great trainer and complete our Tempedia, the progress unfolds in a similar way to that experienced in the classic Pokemon titles: the cities are connected by routes that serve as training for our Temtem, facing us against minor enemies and wild Temtem that we can capture. Although Crema Games has taken note of the opinions of the early access players and has lightened these routes for its final version, I have felt them somewhat dense in terms of combat. The rate of appearance of wild Temtem is considerable, especially in caves and rivers, where we are constantly exposed. There are also plenty of coaches to fight with, coming to consider the path as quite an intense challenge when we approach some important rival.

A clean, lively and very colorful artistic sectionYou must take into account that in the battles up to four Temtem will face each other, in two against two teams. This is one of the great attractions that the Crema Games game offers and, from the first confrontations, I have felt how my way of approaching combat changed, finding myself with different layers of depth when deciding how to build my team and how it fit. the techniques. The turn-based combat, in which we have four skills per Temtem, become extremely interesting when we have to take into account the combinations of skills of the different creatures, multiple attacks and other elements of team battles. However, it also makes some of the less interesting fights more tedious, against minor enemies or wild Temtem, which can become soporific if we want to dispatch them quickly.

The competitive as a great attraction

Temtem: Early hours with Temtem 1.0: a great alternative to Pokemon with a promising competitive

But if there is an aspect in which Temtem has caught my attention, that is the competitive. I feel that Crema Games knows very well how to bridge the gap between players who are usually not interested in this section in Game Freak games, while simplifying some of the more cumbersome aspects that we find in the franchise. Temtem does not deceive anyone, it is a game open to players where the statistics of the creatures are at our disposal at all times and in a clear way. As we play the story, Temtem tells us makes it easy to jump into competitive play shortening distances with the casual game, each battle that we find in the game will already be part of the training to compete and once immersed in this modality, Temtem will make available to us a team creator integrated into the game itself. It is this battery of proposals, which goes beyond the history of the game, the ones that excite me the most and that give the most meaning to the MMO component.

Temtem makes it easy to jump into competitive playAlthough Temtem attracted me for being a novel alternative to Pokemon, after having played the first hours I feel that what is really interesting awaits me beyond the story, in a very well planned competitive multiplayer. This long-term vision of the title seems to have brought the game as a service hand in hand through a season pass and micropayments that, although they do not interfere directly with the playable section, they are never without controversy, especially in games far from the free-to-play framework.

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