First image of Mario?: the appearance that he has in the Super Mario Bros. movie is filtered.

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Mario would be somewhat chubby than in the video game.

It seemed that the day was never going to come, especially after delaying the release of the film several times, but it seems that finally We will have the premiere of the first trailer for the Super Mario Bros. this week, having already announced the date of issuance of this preview.

And it seems that from Nintendo they want to give the enormous importance they havethus giving rise to not only being able to see the first official poster of the film, but also a new Nintendo Direct focused on the Super Mario movie has been announced in which we hope to be able to see new tape trailersas well as curiosities and data related to the plot, which is one of the biggest curiosities because, being clear, Mario games are not characterized by having a great story behind beyond rescuing the princess.

Super Mario Bros could present the character of Mario in a different way than seen in video games

Super Mario

Super Mario will make his leap to the cinema in 2023

Given this, it must be said that the promotional content of the title has been in charge of hide mario skin and of other key characters in the film, thus giving rise to the poster that we have mentioned showing the plumber from behind. However, it seems that there is nothing that escapes on the Internet, thereby giving rise to us having a Possible leak of Mario’s appearance in the moviebeing so that this character would look somewhat different from the film.

This can be seen through the following tweet, in which it is stated that a McDonald’s worker would be responsible for post this image, where we can see Mario somewhat more swollen and fat than in video games. It must be said that it is not known if it will be the final aspect, although for that we can wait until tomorrow to find out:

Otherwise, it should be noted that The Super Mario movie will be released on March 31 in USA, being so that our country will be one of the first to receive the tape in theaters. In others, however, we will have to wait until April 7.

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