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Five million players have entered the Deathloop loop

Deathloop was originally released as a PlayStation 5 exclusive title in 2021, despite Microsoft owning both the studio and the franchise. This was the result of an agreement between Sony and Bethesda before Microsoft bought the latter, but last September it was finally released for Xbox Series and added to Game Pass (and incidentally, also PS Plus).

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This highly original and stylized title was not a bestseller in its beginnings (the lack of console stock did a lot of damage), but after reaching Game Pass, it seems that more players have discovered this adventure. Now, the game’s official Twitter account has reported that over five million players have visited Blackreef to slay Visionaries, and has also included an infographic on the best trinkets for Colt and Julianna.

We are of the opinion that this success, although belated, is more than deserved. And if you haven’t played Deathloop yet, we highly recommend that you do so.