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Flash: second trailer in action with Supergirl and the return of Batman

flash: second trailer in action with supergirl and the return

He first trailer of Flash, the latest DCEU ‘crossover’ movie, let us see the destruction that is coming to the established ‘Snyderverse’. In this second advance we know that Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) managed to go back in time to save the life of his mother. However, in the process he caused chaos in the multiverse and ended up in the reality of another veteran Batman (Michael Keaton).

Second trailer of Flashthe movie with Batman and Supergirl.

The two are forced to join forces to correct the mistakes of the original ‘Snyderverse’ Flash. But they also join another identical Flash or Barry Allen and we’ll even give a last look at ben affleck like Batman. Instead of Clark Kent or Superman, both the Flash and Batman will be assisted by Kara Zor-El. A Supergirl played by the Colombian Sasha Calle.

Second trailer of Flash dubbed in Latin Spanish.

Of course, the events of the arc flash point have been modified for adaptation on the big screen. Regarding the comic or the animated film, very little remains in the film of Flash. So we probably won’t see Atlanteans vs. Amazons or Bruce’s father as Batman, or his mother as Joker.

General Zod of man of steel he’s one of the main antagonists, but we’re still wondering if they have any other multiversal surprises in store before the DC Extended Universe reboot.

Flash trailer Supergirl Batman

When does the movie come out or open? Flash In colombia?

Flash comes out or opens June 15, 2023.

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures Latin America

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