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Fly over New Zealand in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator update

I think we can all agree that Microsoft Flight Simulator is first and foremost a very detailed and beautiful game. With its hyper-realistic aircraft models, real-time rendered airports, cities and landscapes from around the world, the simulator has set a new standard in the industry and the game continues to grow and evolve with the calls World Updates that improve a specific region of the world each time.

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After the updates dedicated to the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan and the Nordic countries, now it is the turn of New Zealandwhich is available from today. Here’s what you can expect from this free update (which you can also see in the video below):

“The Microsoft Flight Simulator team has used the latest geographic data to create World Update XII: New Zealand, including satellite imagery, aerial photography, and digital elevation models, and has even rendered the setting from the movie The Flight Simulator in detail. Lord of the Rings, hobbiton, nestled amongst the natural splendor of the North Island. Is free upgrade features enhanced modeling of 7 new cities and includes 9 hand-crafted airports, 62 custom POIs, and 10 exciting missions: 3 new Voyages of Scouting, 3 new Discovery Flights, and 4 new Landing Challenges, all included with Game Pass. Heaven calls you.”

Although Microsoft Flight Simulator is a very demanding title, you can play it in a simplified way via streaming on a phone, laptop or other devices with an app or a browser through Xbox Cloud Gaming.
Will you enjoy New Zealand from above this weekend?

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