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Focus Entertainment takes the wallet out for a walk and takes over the creators of the warlike Isonzo, Tannenberg and Verdun

It is not that they have been made with the exclusivity of the First World War, but the truth is that WW1 Game Series has become a benchmark on the war conflict. M2H and BlackMill Games have shaped TannenbergIsonzo and verdun, which they are the trio of key works that encompass a commitment to offering massive battles.

Now, Focus Entertainment has decided to bet on the talent of the developer from the Netherlands. The company has announced the purchase of most of the shares of M2H, although the founder of BlackMill Games, Jos Hoebe, keeps 33.33% of the shares of the studio from him. Therefore, we are talking about the sixth development study for Focus.

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Precisely tomorrow, September 13, the launch of Isonzo both on PC and consoles. This time we will be transferred to the Italian front, so we can expect all kinds of skirmishes between the Transalpine army and the Astro-Hungarian Empire.

Matt Hergaarden, member of M2H, has revealed that “we can’t wait to start working on an exciting new project”, although he has not revealed any further details. The purchase is expected to close in fiscal year 2022/2023, but figures for the purchase have not been disclosed.


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