Follow the horror for Winnie the Pooh, now with an indie game

follow the horror for winnie the pooh, now with an

Tom Henry

Follow the horror for Winnie the Pooh, now with an indie game

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Winnie the Pooh can no longer wander the Hundred Acre Wood without pants and eat candy without worry, now that he’s entered the public domain. In contrast, in the recently announced indie horror game Winnie’s Hole, Pooh is the bloated and bloody protagonist, and he’s still pantsless.

The game is developed by Australia-based studio Twice Different, which released its first title, the macabre Ring of Pain, in 2020. Winnie’s Hole is a turn-based dungeon crawler that combines elements of Ring of Pain with the uniqueness of pooh.

The player controls a creature that infiltrates Winnie’s body to expand and adapt, while fighting off other organisms trying to stop its advance. As the player progresses, he unlocks new mutations, upgrades, and playable characters to take on ever-evolving challenges.

Basically, the game consists of infecting and giving as many tumors and deformities as possible to the beloved yellow bear, the game is available for you to add to your wishlist only on Steam

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