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For Marvel, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a secret supervillain

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a secret Marvel villain.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an actor, politician and businessman Austrian-American and a movie icon. He has had leading roles in movies like Conan the barbarian, The Terminator, Commando, etc. During the 1980s this actor became an international star thanks to the great popularity of action movies at the time.

In the Marvel Universeand more specifically in an alternate timeline of the comic Ultimate X Men, Schwarzenegger has joined a club made up of supervillains, called the Hellfire Club, and is even considered a very reputable member. Below we tell you all the details about it, but you need to keep in mind that this post contains comic spoilers Ultimate X Men volume #25.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a secret enemy of the X-Men

In this comic, the X-Men are in direct conflict with enemies like Magneto and the Sentinels and are being backed up by the members of the Hellfire Club. This group is reserved for people of high class and especially for rich people.

In issue #25 of Ultimate X Menthe team of mutants is invited by the leader of the Hellfire Club, Sebastian Shaw, to a meeting in New York City, and finally meet their secret benefactors belonging to the same club. The mutant guests attending the mansion’s soiree for the club’s celebration are the Professor Charles Xavier and his students Storm, Jean Gray and Colossus.

As time progresses in the meetingand the club puts their evil plan into motion, Storm is separated from her team and meets a member of the club of stocky build and great height who identifies himself as “Arnold”.

Storm talking to Schwarzenegger.

Storm talking to Arnold. Image taken from volume #25 of the Ultimate X-Men comic.

Although the face of this character cannot be seen, fans deduce that it is being done a clear reference to the actor and former governor of the state of California, United States.

Noticing the presence of the actor, Storm expresses his great admiration and respectclaiming to be a fan of his films from a very young age, despite the fact that his last appearances have been “terrible”.

Isn’t Marvel a fan of the latest Schwarzenegger movies?

Given that Storm affirms that the last cinematographic deliveries of the actor have been “terrible”the question arises as to whether Marvel really appreciates the work of the Austro-American.

Although it is known that this actor in the 80s He was one of the most relevant and important people in the action genre. of Hollywood, it is important to highlight that his career on the big screen he faltered once he decided to transition from action to comedy.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in some movies.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in some of his movies.

Considering that the appearance of Schwarzenegger it was extremely briefit is still unknown if the Hellfire Club member has knowledge about the conflict that exists in the Inner Circle against the X-Men.

In the Earth 616 version of the Hellfire Club, the members they maintained the facade of being a simple club of wealthy peopleand retained their character as supervillains within the club’s Inner Circle.

We can affirm that physical characteristics and film criticism most likely refer to Schwarzeneggerhowever, the fact that Arnold’s face is not shown is possibly due to the fact that Marvel does not have access to use the actor’s image for the comic.


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