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For this reward you have to play WoW for a whole year

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World of Warcraft wants fans to stay longer. The latest “trick”: An achievement and a reward that requires you to play for a whole year.


Some rewards in World of Warcraft require a little more play. Not everything can be earned in a few hours and so it can sometimes take several weeks until a coveted item is finally available.

But with the upcoming patch 10.0.5 this waiting time will be increased to a maximum. Because for one of the most beautiful sets you have to – according to the current state of affairs – have been actively playing World of Warcraft for at least 1 year.


What was discovered? The wowhead colleagues have discovered a new achievement in the patch 10.0.5 game files (via The achievement, called “Trading Post Enthusiast”, asks you to collect the monthly trading post special reward a total of 12 times.

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You will receive the “monthly special reward” if you complete as many tasks for the trading post within one month that you have earned the maximum of 500 merchant currencies. For halfway active players this should be a small thing, because many of the tasks can be done “on the side”.

Completing these missions should be in the interest of almost all players anyway, as you will receive merchant currencies month after month, which you can in turn put into transmog, mounts and other cosmetic rewards. We explain the system in more detail in our post on the trading post.

WoW Sun Warden Set wowhead
Currently, it seems that if you complete tasks for 12 months, the “Guardians” set will be given.

It is important to know that you do not have to do the whole thing for 12 consecutive months. If you take a WoW break in between, your progress will remain and you’ll pick up where you last left off.

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What is this set? The “Ensemble: Burden of Unrelenting Justice” has the helmet of a guardian as its symbol. These are night elves dedicated to protecting the people and guarding prisoners – such as the well-known night elf Maiev, who has watched over Illidan for millennia.


Although the set was found in the game data months ago, until now there was no source of where and how to get the set. There was a hunch that it would be available at the Trading Post, but there hasn’t been any confirmation as of yet.

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Please note, however, that this information has so far been an unconfirmed but well-founded assumption. The icon and the name of the set match the previous data mining, but it would also be possible in theory that this is a different reward.

In any case, the reward requires really strong long-term commitment from you. But that shouldn’t be a problem if you recently accepted the offer with the annual subscription to WoW…