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Formula 1 racing has never been so close to fans – F1 manager 2022 – Latest News


Formula 1 racing has never been so close to fans – F1 manager 2022 – Latest News

Formula 1 saw new technical guidelines last year, the pilots had to get used to the new cars and the engineers also saw the results of hard preparation for the new guidelines. At the beginning of the season, we could finally see a dominant Ferrari again, and on the contrary, a drop for Mercedes. But how did the season end? she showed one of the most important factors for the victory, or perhaps the unexpected pole position, was strategy. Ferrari fans could tear their hair out with that one, as well as, for example, the tire strategy of Mercedes in Zandvoort behind the safety car, or, on the contrary, watch with amazement, with exceptions, the flawless strategic plan of Redbull and the miraculous pole position of Hass. So if you had the same natural a tendency to think that you would have mastered the strategy better. Thanks for studying Frontier Developments you have the chance to find out exactly how your management skills stack up against the rest of the starting field. He saw the light of day last year new the debut licensed title of F1 Manager 2022, which not only conveys the race weekends, but everything that precedes them and everything in between.

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So in this game you won’t be playing on the pilot, we already have one such series here, but this is really about the other side of the coin. In this title, you become boss stable/team and you are in charge of… well, actually, absolutely everything. From signing contracts with drivers who will sit in your car, to designing and manufacturing the components of that car. Pilots in race they throw into action at your command, you also influence the flow of money according to the promises you make to sponsors before each race weekend. And to make it clear that this is your stable and the pilots are only with you trained monkeys, which are supposed to round it off, you also participate in the mechanical settings of each car. A visionary, a megalomaniac, or just an egotist? Choice it’s really up to you.

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Definitely this is a nice cadence of what you have to manage, monitor, plan and simply keep under control. So that you don’t feel bad about it all Alice in Wonderland, the entire menu and tables are very clear and all controls are very intuitive right from the start. Realistically, you can only get by with a mouse. And what in office start?So, first of all, calmly read the emails, where they give you advice on what you should focus on. For example, improve the front wing. So you look at what wing desEsports Extrasproposals would be suitable and what they would bring you. Then check the status of the financial account and management and tell yourself that the time to upgrade the factory is better than ever. When you run out free workers and everyone is given tasks to do in the following days, there’s nothing left to do but go racing and make sure your wind tunnel upgrades and decisions bring desired fruit. Because only the racetrack will show whether a new floor, rear wing or sidewall will bring you progress and an edge over others.

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