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Forspoken: Frey Fights Alongside Cinta in In Thana we Trust DLC Trailer

forspoken: frey fights alongside cinta in in thana we trust

One of the most interesting elements of this Square Enix game is its mythology. When Frey arrives in Athia he begins to discover the tragic and wonderful ‘lore’ of this world and now we will become its protagonist. In the DLC trailer for Forspoken ‘In Thanta we Trust’ sees Frey fighting alongside the Thanta Cinta in Athia’s past.

You can watch the trailer below. We also invite you to read our review of the base game, our endgame guide and secret bosses guide.


The trailer description reads as follows: “Having brought peace to Athia, Frey’s journey continues as she searches for a way to rid this land of the effects of the Rupture. Following a mysterious voice, she is transported back in time where she finds herself surrounded by destruction and chaos. Injured and covered in bloodstained clothing, she discovers a terrible truth about her fate. Athia is at war. Accompanied by the Thanta Cinta and a new magic, Frey must save Athia once more and try to save herself.”

We love the idea of ​​visiting Athia’s past and fighting alongside Cinta in the DLC for Forspoken ‘In Thanta we Trust’. Those of you who have made it to the endgame know why this is so important.


The DLC of Forspoken ‘In Thana we Trust’ will go on sale on Friday, May 26, 2023.

Source: Official Square Enix YouTube channel


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