Forspoken is updated to v1.04 with control fixes and much more

Forspoken, the most recent video game from the publisher Square Enix and the developer Luminous Productions, has been somewhat forgotten among so many releases of new titles and due to some problems that arose during its release. However, those responsible continue to work to maximize the experience of players who have purchased the game on PlayStation 5 and computers based on their feedback. That is why a new patch is now available that updates both the base game and the demo to the version 1.04 with a special emphasis on fixing technical issues related to controllers.

Apparently, when connecting the DualSense Edge controller the game camera could move erratically, significantly dragging down the gameplay. However, this bug, as well as others related to certain functions, have been fixed in this update,

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Forspoken 1.04 Patch Notes

technical problems

  • Fixed an issue where the camera would unintentionally shake when using certain Xinput devices as a controller. (PC version).
  • Fixed an issue where the FSR setting automatically changes to Normal on game restart when FSR, DLSS, and 3D Resolution are all set to a certain value. (PC version).
  • Fixed an issue where the game displays unintended behavior when the PlayStation 5 DualSense Edge wireless controller is connected to the PC. (PC version).
  • Various minor fixes.

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  • Changed the text font for Traditional/Simplified Chinese.
  • The system text that is displayed when certain items are unlocked has been updated.
  • System text accompanied by the 1.03 patch mouse settings update will now be displayed in all languages.
  • Minor optimization of certain features.

A fun and varied magic combat system trapped in an uninteresting open world

Forspoken It’s a game with good ideas and a very solid gameplay base, but with such a boring and uninteresting open world desEsports Extrasthat it ends up weighing down the experience a lot more than we would have liked, something that becomes more and more evident. with the passing of the hours. In his favor we have to say that the combat system is original and very dynamicthat there are very spectacular and well-planned bosses and that going around Athia doing magical parkour is tremendously satisfying, virtues that are in a constant struggle to prevail over their various defects and very little stimulating content”, we concluded in our analysis. Remember that you have at your disposition our guide.

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