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Forspoken on Metacritic: From ‘disappointing’ to ‘amazing’


Forspoken on Metacritic: From ‘disappointing’ to ‘amazing’

That's what the international ratings say about Forspoken.

That’s what the international ratings say about Forspoken.

Today the action RPG Forspoken was officially released. Shortly before the release, there were the first international reviews and they vary quite a bit. This is how the rating is currently:

*As of January 23, 6:00 p.m.

magazine rating
Gaming Nexus 95
Game Informer 75
God is a geek 75
destructoid 70
TheGamer 70
Game Rant 60
IGN 60
GamesRadar+ 50
GameSpot 50
Dexerto 40

You can also watch the cinematic trailer for the release here:

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Forspoken - New cinematic trailer prepare you for the release


Forspoken – New cinematic trailer prepare you for the release

These are Forspoken’s strengths and weaknesses

To give you an overview of how the ratings are made up, we have summarized the most common positive and negative criteria here:

This is positive:

  • great combat system with numerous spells
  • fun exploration through Frey’s magical powers
  • much to discover

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This is negative:

  • generic story
  • pacing issues
  • typical open world checklist

Colleague Christian Schwarz from GameStar Plus writes about the game:

So who is Forspoken worthwhile for? If you are looking for a crammed open world in the style of Assassin’s Creed, you will be disappointed. However, if you want to experience a story worth playing with an unconventional heroine and, depending on your taste, have a certain tolerance for foreEsports Extrasshame, the game can be something for you. Fans of gripping battles, magic diversity and fast gameplay will also get their money’s worth, as will admirers of beautiful graphics.

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That’s what the GamePro test says

We also addressed the wasted potential of Forspoken in our PS5 test. Where we had a lot of fun with the brisk parkour system and the fights loaded with effects, the world and the story of the game were less convincing. You can read our detailed test of Forpoken and who the game is still worthwhile for here.

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