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Forspoken shows its payment expansion to give continuity to the game


The Forspoken prequel DLC will focus on the Tantas, enemies of Frey.

Forspoken is an open world game with hyper realistic graphics.

If Forspoken’s analyzes were published today to reveal the result of the game, its developer Luminous Productions had prepared the revelation of its paid expansion, announced more than a year ago when the editions of the title were revealed. In a live broadcast to celebrate the launch of the Square Enix game, A clip with gameplay material from In Tanta We Trust, the DLC that will be released throughout the summer, has been shown.

Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust will serve as a prequel to the game’s story, being focused on the enemies of the game. To get into context, it is necessary to explain that the so-called Tantas were the ancient rulers of Athia, realm in which the game takes place. Each one embodies a different virtue and possesses a unique strength, and they were much loved by the people of Athia, who enjoyed a life of abundance under their rule.

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However, without prior notice, the former protectors mysteriously became oppressors and became aggressive and hostile, so they became Athia’s real threat. Now, the Frospoken DLC will delve into its story after the one told in the game’s main story.

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A player reaches the maximum level of the Forspoken demo

Forspoken is finally coming to PS5 and PC

The open world of Forsaken arrives tomorrow Wednesday January 24 to offer its action RPG on PlayStation 5 and PC (via Steam, Epic Games Store, and Microsoft Store). Featuring a brilliant well-known team, the game will lead players to guide its protagonist, named Frey, on an unforgettable journey to find her way back home from the fantastic and ancient world in which she has inexplicably appeared, where will have to unravel mysteries and learn to master an extraordinary power.

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The title, developed with PS5 in mind, has a two-year console exclusivity and, although it seems to have some drawbacks, its gameplay has conquered critics: fun and very agile combat, frantic parkour movement, a wide variety of spells … Will have to see what else does the title have to offer in its DLCincluded in its deluxe edition.