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Forspoken Trophies: You need a lot of patience for platinum

The trophies are all very easy to get, but they're real time wasters.

The trophies are all very easy to get, but they’re real time wasters.

Forspoken’s massive open world is packed with hundreds of shrines, dungeons and garrisoned keeps. This is also reflected in the game’s trophies, which let you turn every stone in the four areas.


Magic until your fingernails glow

Aside from the usual story-completion trophies, there are a few related to collectibles or Frey’s magic. So you should find all the shrines, collect cats, any equipment and just about every point on the map.

105 Challenges for a Bronze Trophy: However, it gets really time-consuming if you are supposed to upgrade all of Frey’s spells. For each of the 100+ spell skills, you must complete a challenge to level them up again. For this you have to cause status effects, hit several enemies, kill certain enemies or compete in parkour challenges. Unfortunately, you can only actively tackle three challenges at a time. If you complete another one but don’t have it active at the moment, then unfortunately you’re out of luck. You can plan a few extra hours for this trophy alone.


From here there are spoilers: The game’s trophy list not only reveals a lot about the plot, but also about all of Frey’s magical abilities. So read on if you don’t mind.

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For a bronze trophy you have to upgrade all spells.  This will cost you a lot of time and nerves.

For a bronze trophy you have to upgrade all spells. This will cost you a lot of time and nerves.

All trophies in the overview

Altogether you can in Forspoken 54 trophies earn


  • Forpsoken: Earn all trophies.


  • Worst Corruption: Defeat all four monstrosities.
  • Archivist: Unlock 80% of the archive.


  • The awakening: Defeat a great evil force for the good of mankind.
  • Pilgrimage: Adept: Visit 50 monuments.
  • Scout: Pioneer: Visit 100 points of interest.
  • Call of the Source: Beatification: Gain magical powers from all boon wells.
  • Ultimate: Learn all spells.
  • Good equiped: Collect all equipment (except those only obtainable in side missions).
  • With different eyes: Visionary: Complete all memories of Monuments of Wisdom.


  • Bindings: Become the owner of a mysterious golden bracelet.
  • Stranded: Travel to a beautiful, but life-threatening other world.
  • The Invaders: Swear revenge on a murderous enemy.
  • What needs to be done: Survive a nightmarish ordeal.
  • With all his might: Win a crucial battle in a large fortress.
  • How to do it: Taste the sweet triumph of victory and the bitter taste of disaster.
  • The blue in the stomach: Submit to the justice of another world.
  • The truth comes out: Win the ultimate court case.
  • At the end: Learn a bitter truth followed by bad news.
  • As smart as before: Win a conflict in an inverted reality.
  • Curse: Hold the fate of an entire world in your hands.
  • rebirth: Help the residents of Cipal.
  • Promise: Make a promise to someone special.
  • move: Earn the praise of the mighty Pilo for your dancing skills.
  • commemoration: Speak all the words of remembrance for the departed.
  • Under the open sky: Set up camp.
  • Pilgrimage: Aspirant: Visit your first monument.
  • Pilgrimage: Novice: Visit 20 monuments.
  • Scout: Seeker: Visit 10 points of interest.
  • Scout: Girl Scout: Visit 50 points of interest.
  • Master of all classes: Learn all learnable spells.
  • Source Call: Baptism: Receive magical powers from a boon well for the first time.
  • hobbyist: Craft your first item.
  • Craftswoman: Craft a healing item and two of Frey’s original gear.
  • Fleet Sole: Dance five times in a row.
  • cross-country skier: Run 20 seconds straight in magic parkour.
  • Marathon: Complete a total of 100 km in Magic Parkour.
  • I can fly!: Use the Hover spell to stay in the air for 10 seconds.
  • tree frog: Jump over enemies a total of 10 times.
  • An eye for an eye: Perform ten precision counters.
  • Merciless: Perform 30 deathblows.
  • Mallet method: Defeat at least three enemies with one use of Boost Magic.
  • Seed of Violence: Use the Bloom spell three times in a fight.
  • Hot Hug: Defeat an Entwined enemy with Silas Magic.
  • Exciting thing: Electrocute three enemies at once.
  • From all pipes: Use the magic types of all four tantas in a fight.
  • With different eyes: Seer: Complete ten Memories at Monuments.
  • cat friend: Make friends with all aunt familiars.
  • Photo fan: Show the children a photo of each photo spot.
  • Supreme Powers: Upgrade each of your spells.
  • Invisible: Hide for 10 seconds – until they forget you were ever there.
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Forspoken in the GamePro test


Forspoken - New cinematic trailer prepare you for the release


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Forspoken – New cinematic trailer prepare you for the release

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Will you try your hand at the Forspoken Platinum Trophy?